Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac. His element is Fire, the quality is fixed and the ruler is the Sun.

People born under that sign are passionate, cheerful generous and warm-hearted. Like every other zodiac sign, Leo also has its weaknesses. Sometimes they are lazy, stubborn and arrogant. Are you a typical Leo?

Leo’s colors are gold, yellow and orange – all related to its ruler the Sun.

People born under that sign are dramatic, creative, self-confident and dominant. They are natural-born leaders and they are able to achieve everything as long as they decide it. Generally, they are positive people – in love with life, they take care of having a good time and trying to laugh in every situation.

Leos love being surrounded by people and they have no problem making new friends. They are faithful, loyal friends and generous. You will rarely see them alone. They help others, no matter if it is time- and energy-consuming. If you have a Leo friend, you are lucky.

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Celebrities that are Leo: Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Radcliffe, Madonna, J. K. Rowling, Chris Hemsworth, Whitney Houston, Sandra Bullock and others:

celebrity leo

celebrity leo

leo zodiac sign


Happy birthday to all Leos!

What is your zodiac sign?


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