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Gliding into summer is the perfect time to do a wardrobe spring clean and work out which clothes you absolutely love and which ones you’re a bit ‘meh’ about. If you’re feeling like your fashion choices aren’t doing you any favours, this is also the ideal time to find out what colour season you fall into, so you can scrap the clothes that don’t suit you and add pieces in the colours that really make your eyes, skin and hair pop.

What is a colour season?

We all have a colour season. When it comes to fashion, finding out which one you fall into is all about analysing your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. The four-season colour wheel doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing the colours that you love but it will help you determine which shades of each hue suit you best. For example, you may love blue but find that every time you put on a top that’s royal blue, you look a bit flat. That’s okay! It just means that on the colour wheel your shade of blue may actually be a pale or aquamarine instead.

Your colour season will help define which palette works for your complexion and tell you whether you are a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter when it comes to fashion.

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Do you have warm or cool undertones?

There are three tests you can do to determine if your skin is warm or cool. Look at the undertones by analysing the veins on your wrist. If your veins are green you have a warm skin tone. If they are blue you have a cool skin tone. Secondly, try on both gold and silver jewellery. If the gold blends beautifully with your skin, then you are a warm. If the silver works better, then you are a cool. Thirdly, apply a layer of pink-toned foundation to one cheek and a layer of yellow-toned foundation to the other. If the pink tone blends easily, you have a cool skin tone and if the yellow blends fluidly then you have a warm skin tone. Warm skin tones fall under the Spring and Autumn seasons and cool skin tones fall under the Summer and Winter seasons.

Are you a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

Now you know whether you have warm or cool undertones, you can work out whether you are suit a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter fashion palette.

Spring is warm and light

Your hair will be light blonde, medium brown or strawberry blonde and will have gold or red undertones. Your eyes will be light brown, hazel, clear blue or turquoise and your skin is generally light in colour.

Summer is cool and light

Your skin type is cool and your hair is light blonde to medium brown with ash undertones. Your eyes will be blue, grey or a cool light brown.

Autumn is warm and dark

Your skin is rich, deep and golden and your hair is dark brown, black or auburn. Your eyes will be mid to dark brown, hazel or warm green and there will be low contrast between your colouring and your hair and eyes.

Winter is cool and dark

Here, the contrast between your complexion and your hair and eyes will be high. Skin is either cool or olive and eye colour is medium to dark brown, clear blue or cool green. Hair will be black or ash brown with cool undertones.

Colours that work with your season

If you’ve found out that you’re a light Spring, you’ll look amazing in pastel and bright colours such as coral and moss green. Shy away from black and instead choose khakis and warm greys. Rather than opting for a true white, lean towards off-white and pinkier hues. A light Spring can handle saturated colour well.

If you fall into the light Summer season palette then bright, dusty and cool tones suit you best. Dusty pinks, blue-greens and sky blues become your best friend as well as icy violets and lavenders. Navy is a beautiful choice for you as opposed to black.

A dark Autumn suits rich forest greens, golden browns and warm reds. Move away from pastel colours and lean towards teals, mustards and emeralds. Think spicy orange shades and vibrant, rich colours.

If you are a dark Winter you have a dramatic contrast between your hair and skin colour which means fuschias, bubblegum pinks and icy greys will look incredible on you. Optic white will look striking as will light emerald and vibrant orchids.

Finding out your colour season not only helps with fashion but also other lifestyle choices. Once you know the colours that look the most breathtaking against your skin, you can move forward by choosing jewellery and makeup shades that will always highlight your best features too.


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