5 Ideas How to Wrap Your Holiday Gifts

Holidays are just around the corner. If you don’t like the last minute preparation, it is time to start thinking about holiday gifts and how to wrap and pack them. Sometimes it is hard to come up with a creative and easy way how to do it. We have prepared some easy and modern concepts, that you can use for your holiday gifts.

The classic and most popular colors for Christmas are red, green and white. If you want to stick to the basics and you want your holiday gift to have the Christmas spirit, these are your colors. You can combine them whatever you want and you will have beautiful and thematic holiday gifts.

Another trend these days is wrapping in a plain brown paper. To make it more personalized and in the Christmas spirit, you can draw something on top. Using the thematic colors to wrap it around will give you that holiday finish. You can also use thin ribbon for a more classic look. The great thing about the brown paper is the fact that it goes perfectly will almost every color.

Paper bags are also a good alternative. There is such a big variety and options to choose from. Add something handmade or a little accent to make it more attractive and unique – like a small wooden snowflake or wooden Christmas tree. You can also put a small card with the name of the person to personalize your holiday gift. The colorful thin paper showing out of the bag is the perfect finish, it makes your gift to look more creative and modern.

Boxes are a great option if don’t have time to wrap the holiday gifts on your own. In almost every Christmas shop and handmade boutique, you can easily find gift boxes. They are beautiful, ready to use and a perfect choice when you are in a hurry. On the other hand, if you still have enough time and willingness you can create it on our own. You have the freedom to choose the materials, the colors and the design.

In case you have more than one gift to leave under the Christmas tree, you can wrap them in a matching paper. You can use one and the same ribbon on a different wrapping paper and stick to one color palette.

Wrapping and preparing the gifts is maybe the best part of the holidays. Make sure to have enough time, so you can enjoy that activity. Be creative, experiment and dive into the Christmas spirit.

Have you already prepared your holiday gifts? How about wrapping them?

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