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Lots of women are guilty of complaining we have nothing to wear whilst our wardrobes burst at the seams with clothes. Whether you’re a trend lover who needs the latest items or have more classic taste, by taking a little time to be savvy with your fashion, you can make your wardrobe work hard for you and save money along the way.

1) Try it all on!

Set aside some time to properly try on everything in your wardrobe. It may feel like a chore, but you’ll be surprised when you put on items you haven’t worn for a long time. Some things may look better than you remember and others may not fit as well, be your taste or suit your lifestyle anymore. By trying everything on, you’ll fall in love with outfits again and it will also help you clear out and declutter the items that aren’t right for you anymore. Another great tactic is to place your hangers back to front and only reverse them once you have worn an item. After six months, take the plunge and clear out anything that is still hanging back to front not worn.

2) Replace favourite items

We’ve all had that favourite dress or top we’ve worn until it’s fallen apart. Take a look at second hand selling websites to replace some of your favourite items that you’ll still wear again and again. Usually, you can not only find a bargain and feel good as it’s more environmentally friendly than buying new fast fashion items.

3) Host swap shops with friends

Instead of buying more new clothes, host a swap shop with friends. You can all bring items you’re no longer wearing and make an occasion of it with food and drinks! You could make permanent swaps, or temporarily borrow items. It’s a great way to save money too, especially if you can borrow an outfit from a friend for an occasion such as a wedding where you would previously have spent a lot on an outfit you would probably only wear once.

4) Experiment with outfit combinations

It’s easy to settle into a style rut wearing the same top with a particular skirt, or the same shoes with a dress. Experiment and play with different outfit combinations you wouldn’t normally put together, such as layering a top over a dress to create the look of a skirt, and chances are you’ll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe!

5) Think about accessories

Think you need a new outfit for that upcoming occasion? Wrong; you might just need new accessories! A different bag, shoes or belt can completely transform an outfit and make it look different every time you wear it, especially with a plain, classic dress. Another great way to make an outfit feel fresh is to treat yourself to a beauty treatment before you wear your outfit for an occasion. Having a blow-dry, or a manicure and pedicure ahead of an occasion can make you feel as special as a new outfit does.

6) Challenge yourself

If you’re feeling bored of your wardrobe it might be because you rely on the same outfits over and over. Set yourself a challenge to see how many days you can wear a completely different outfit for to remind yourself of how much you really own and force yourself to stick with it. You could even document it on your Instagram account and create a hashtag for others to follow your challenge!

7) Repair, alter and customise

If you have an item you loved when you bought it, but have still left the tags on, consider getting the item customised or altered by a professional dressmaker. Having the hem shortened on a dress, or buttons changed on a shirt can make all the difference, so get creative! You could even get creative with clothes dye to completely change the colour of an outfit and easy to use washing machine friendly clothes dye is easy to find. Making time to repair any clothes that have lost buttons or torn will also get them back looking as good as new.

By taking on some of these tips, you’ll be creative with your style, saving money and feeling like you have a brand new wardrobe!

Image by StockSnap via Pixabay