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Women after 50 tips

It is important that you feel comfortable and confident, especially as you get older and more mature. Fashion has a key role to play within these feelings and emotions.

Fashion has no age limit. If you are a woman over the age of 50, we have got you covered with some of the best fashion tips and tricks, to ensure that you look your best all of the time. Have you ever asked yourself ‘how can I look stylish at 50?’, ‘how can I look classy, elegant and feminine?’, ‘what are the current fashion and beauty trends?’ If so, then continue reading as we try to help answer all of these questions and more!

How to look stylish at 50

Ensure you have enough staple and essential pieces that can be worn with almost anything. Staple items are never going out of fashion and you can never have too many! Some staple items you should invest in are; a black turtle neck top (you could opt for a black sweater if you’re not a fan of the high neck), a cream blouse, a white blazer and some dark wash jeans. These pieces are timeless, sophisticated and can be worn in so many different ways.

How to look classy and feminine

When it comes to looking classy and feminine the likes of Nicole Kidman (53) and Oprah Winfrey (66) have you covered. These women have spent decades perfecting their style, learning to love themselves and working on classiness. They have absolutely rocked it on the red carpet.


When it comes to accessorising your outfits try to opt for dainty and subtle jewellery. It tends to look more elegant than big statement items, making you look more sophisticated. Wearing jewellery not only makes you look good but it also helps to feel good, giving you a little more confidence in your stride. Big statement items such as necklaces can look cheap and tacky.

Go-to heels

Make sure you have a go-to pair of heels that you can throw on to spice up any outfit. Make sure they are comfortable. If you purchase a neutral-coloured heel they will match more outfits but the colour choice is entirely down to you.

Appropriate length skirt

Opt for a skirt that is knee-length or longer, this will look classier and is generally more flattering. If the skirt is any shorter, it can seem as though you are trying to look younger than you are. Rock your age and don’t be ashamed!

Show off your natural nails

Get a manicure or paint your nails yourself. Nail polish is very inexpensive however, it is a must when aiming to look classy. That small change really does help make a difference in your appearance.

Show off the body part (to an extent!) that makes you the most confident. If there’s a particular part of your body that you don’t like, draw attention to another part.

Current fashion and beauty trends

Trends are forever changing and it can be hard to keep up. Here are three fashion trends that can help you find and love your style over 50.

1. Faux leather blazers – these are a complete steal at the moment and are perfect for any age range. They can be worn with almost anything and add an instant look and feel of class to an outfit.

2. Maxi coats – again, an item that is perfect no matter your age. These are great for keeping you cosy, warm and trendy in the colder months. Many stores sell maxi coats and they vary in price depending on where you purchase them from. Do some research and find one that is perfect for you! Black, navy and camel are timeless colour options.

3. Square-toed heels – they are cool and funky and, also add a bit of spice to a normal heel. Even though they are squared, they still manage to lengthen your legs, helping to make you feel more confident. Opt for a kitten heel or block heel for a more demure look, or a stiletto heel for a special occasion.

Remember, you do not have to spend an absolute fortune on expensive, designer items to look and feel good. Grab some essential items and a pair of heels and you’re good to go! As long as you feel confident within yourself, that is all that really matters!

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Image by huweijie07170 via Pixabay