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As winter is so close already and especially the cold snowy weather, it is time to get ready. Except warm clothes, there are some winter accessories that are a must this season. The best thing about winter is that you can wear so many different accessories from head to toe. Keep in mind the fabrics that you are buying for the winter. Clothes and accessories made of cotton, wool or cashmere will keep you warm in the freezing temperature. Let’s take a look at some warm and trendy winter accessories perfect for the cold weather.

Knitted hat and gloves

These are the first winter accessories that are coming up to your mind. These days knitted hats and gloves are chic and trendy. Matching colorful hat and gloves can be a great finish of your winter outfit. An advantage of the hat and gloves is that you have more accessories, so you can match them with your bag or shoes. For example, if you have a dark red handbag and don’t know how to match it, just pick gloves with the same color and you are ready to go.

When talking about gloves, you have so many options. For a more business look, you can choose stylish leather gloves. If you don’t like being cold, gloves from wool or cashmere are the right choice for you.

girl with winter accessories

Big scarf

The big blanket scarfs – another trend these years. They are practical, cozy and will keep you warm for sure. There are such a variety of winter scarfs, so you can choose the best one for you. In case you don’t like wearing hats, you can match your scarf with the gloves.

girl with a big winter scarf


This is another cute winter accessory. If you don’t like wearing hats and you don’t want your hair to be messed up, this is the best alternative. The difference in colors and textiles will let you choose the best earmuffs for your style.

girl with winter earmuffs

Over the knee socks

If the weather is not that cold and you can still wear dresses or skirts, over the knee socks are one of the best winter accessories. Knitted or woolen socks will do a great job. Leave them to show out of your boots to create that winter look. Another chic accent to your outfit.

Do you like winter? What are your favorite winter accessories?