Wardrobe Must-Haves for the Perfect Summer Look

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Wardrobe Must-Haves for the Perfect Summer Look


Hooray, summer’s here! This means plenty of new cool looks with brightly colored, loose clothes. And while we love all the newest trends in designer clothing, some things are so classy that they never go out of style. With the help of those items, you’ll be able to create almost every outfit. So, if you want to up your style game this sunny season, here are all the must-have summer staples you need for a season full of sun, love and a bit of glamour.


White T-shirt


The white T-shirt is a piece of clothing that should never leave your wardrobe. It combines perfectly with elegant trousers and high heels, with jeans and sneakers, high heels and a coat, with a leather jacket, even with a skirt. It’s just fantastic and universal.


Denim shorts


Shorts are mandatory – comfortable, sexy and they keep the heat away – the perfect summer item. They outline your bottom in a special way and draw people’s eyes to the hottest parts of the body. When you go on holiday, you have to put at least one pair of them in your suitcase. They are a great foundation for a summer look that allows you to experiment with fashion styles any way you want. For a really stylish look, you need to combine shorts with an elegant upper piece like a blazer or a shirt. We see that celebs love to combine cute denim pants with casual t-shirts on hot summer days in the city.


White sneakers

They are comfortable, light and you can wear them with anything you want. White sneakers are part of the style of almost every street star fashion icon, and this summer they are a mandatory element for your wardrobe. Their beauty lies precisely in their exceptional simplicity and purity, giving a touch of chic to almost any look.


Straw hat


A huge straw hat will not only provide good protection from the sun, it also works for an original romantic and very girly look. That’s the main reason it never fades away, regardless of fashion trends. We love straw hats, because they are amazing and go well with almost all the clothes you may have. A summer hat can be worn not only on the beach but also in the city, for a stylish and elegant look.


Breton stripes


There is a certain pattern that can always carry you to the French Riviera. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the chic Breton stripes! And indeed, these black and white horizontal stripes say 100% French chic. The stripe is an absolute classic, and in the summer it is a must-have and a dominant trend. Summer is just not the same without it. Many people find it overused and even annoying, but it always creates the feeling of pleasant sea memories. It does not matter if you wear those stripes in the city, or during your holiday. This is a classic that will still be in after 10 years, as if it has just been taken out of the latest spring-summer collections.


Maxi dress


It is a delusion that the maxi dress only looks good on tall or chubby ladies. Every woman can wear a maxi dress, regardless of body type. It is comfortable, stylish and suitable for absolutely any occasion – from a beach walk to a day in the office. For everyday wear, the best combination is a maxi dress with low sandals. If you prefer sneakers, you won’t go wrong either. The combination of maxi dress and plain white sneakers is a hit among fashion bloggers. Watch out for dresses that might be too tight or too loose. For more formal occasions, put on a maxi dress from tulle or one with an asymmetrical cut (short in the front, long in the back) to combine with chic accessories and high heels. For cool summer evenings, you can combine the maxi dress with a short denim jacket or a simple leather jacket.


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