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Let’s go way back in the history of the Vintage Swimsuits!


Vintage Swimsuits – this will be today’s blog post topic. From the heavy full cover clothes to the “Swimsuits police”, so we can get to the most significant moments of the development of female Swimsuits! Let’s go!


In the past going to the beach was not so popular recreational activity!


The history of women’s swimsuits will blow your mind. As the summer heats are coming, everyone is heading to the seaside, but back in the days it wasn’t like that. Going to the beach became more popular with the development of railways and other transportation methods.


Back in the days, there were no Swimsuits and people use to swim nude.


In the beginning, it was quite normal for people to bath nude. And while women were known to cover themselves with clothing that resembles our modern day bikini, the outfits weren’t for swimming. In fact, swimsuits were invented in the mid 1800s.

If you have seen an early picture of swimwear, you’d have a hard time recognizing their outfits as Swimsuit. They used to look more like dresses with a belt, but their main purpose was to cover the woman’s body.


Old image of the first clothes used on the beachAn example of swimwear from the late 1800s. Source: Pinterest


This was widespread understanding that woman should cover themselves. For that reason, the top portion of the swimsuit hung low like a dress to hide the woman’s figure. These suits were made from heavy flannel fabric that was sturdy enough to not rise with the water.


The outfit for the beach looked more like dress
Source: Pinterest


Although these suits have undergone slight corrections, the biggest one comes when swimming became an intercollegiate and Olympic sport! Then people realize that the current swimwear lineup had been designed without functionality in mind.


It was clear for everyone that when you swim in a competition you have to be fast and there should be less traction between your body and the water. This is the time when the Swimsuits became more streamlined and less heavy, paving the way for styles to come.


Retro Sport SwimsuitsSource: Afreecan Image


Bright times were coming for the female Swimsuits!

This is where we are starting to see the Swimsuits that today we categorize as Vintage Swimsuits.


By 1910, women’s swimwear was less restrictive and heavy. Women exposed their arms and designers used less fabric to conceal a girl’s figure.


As the 1920s rolled around, the swimsuits got smaller, and the demand for them grew larger. Hollywood and Vogue both popularized the idea of swimwear being sexy and glam, a trend that would persist in the decades to come.


Of course with the Swimsuits becoming less restrictive it comes the “Swimsuits Police”.


The century hit its stride, necklines lowered and arms were uncovered. In response, seaside resorts published codes regulating the appearance of swimming costumes, especially the length of the skirts, in the interest of preserving modesty.


Vintage Swimsuits police measuringSource: Huffington Post

After the World War II, the whole Swimsuits thing has changed fundamentally!


The two-piece suits were common in the years leading up to World War II, they usually covered a woman’s navel and left only a bit of midriff visible. In 1946, French designer Louis Reard introduced the world to the first modern bikini, featuring significantly less fabric than its predecessors.


Vintage Swimwar two-piecesSource: The Great Lake Pinup


This was the brief history of the so-called Vintage Swimsuits. These fashion pieces took our attention and we have decided to dedicate a whole event on the Vintage Swimsuits.


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