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How to have the ultimate self-care night

As women, we can become so busy caring for our friends and family and building our careers that we forget to look after ourselves in our day to day lifestyle. A pampering, self-care night is the perfect way to show yourself some TLC, relax and re-connect with yourself. Ready for the ultimate de-stress self-care night? Follow these steps.

1. Exercise and stretch

The perfect start to a self-care night is often a quick, relaxing workout. For example, you may wish to follow a short pilates tutorial or complete some of your favourite yoga poses. This will help you to begin to unwind and will trigger the release of endorphins, so you feel happy and relaxed for the rest of your self-care experience.

2. Take a long bath or shower

Run yourself a hot bath or take a long, luxurious shower. Using a body scrub will help to banish dead skin cells and stimulate your circulation. This will ensure when you emerge from the shower your skin will look glowing and feel renewed. Use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove built-up product and grease from your hair, but do not condition your hair yet!

3. Pamper your body

Once you have thoroughly soaked or cleaned your body, apply a rich body moisturiser or body oil. This will help to nourish your skin and will ensure you feel incredibly soft for the rest of your beauty pamper night.

4. Care for your hair

Comb through your wet hair gently, starting at the ends to avoid breaking or damaging your hair. You should then apply a hair mask to your hair and leave the mask on overnight. In the morning, simply rinse the mask off and you will be left with salon-quality hair. If you do not own a hair mask, you can make your own out of coconut oil and mashed banana. Wrap your hair in a hair wrap or a warm towel for the rest of the night to ensure the mask properly sinks into your hair.

5. Get comfy

Put on a pair of new pyjamas or comfy loungewear to ensure you feel as relaxed and refreshed as possible for the rest of the evening. Wear whatever fashion you feel comfortable and happy in, as tonight is all about caring for and treating yourself.

6. Complete a thorough skincare routine

Perform your skincare routine as normal, and remember to cleanse twice if you have been wearing makeup during the day. As a final step in your skincare routine, however, you should give yourself a mini facial by using a sheet mask and a face roller. Gently roll your face roller tool upwards on your face to help the serum from the facemask sink into your skin and absorb more efficiently.

7. Treat yourself

Make your favourite snack for yourself to enjoy whilst you complete the rest of your self-care routine. As tonight is about treating yourself, you should enjoy whatever food you like. However, it is recommended to avoid fast foods which can make you feel lethargic. Chocolate covered strawberries are a great self-care night snack, as they are rich in vitamin C and taste delicious.

8. Choose your entertainment

Put on your favourite film or TV show to watch as you relax and unwind. If, however, you’d like to remain peaceful without background noise and disturbance, you can play meditation music in the background instead. Alternatively, you can call or video chat with a friend who is also having a self-care night and have a quick catch up.

9. Complete a relaxing task

Completing a relaxing task, such as organising your t-shirt drawer or painting your nails will help to relax your mind and will help you to feel productive and prepared for the day or week ahead. For example, you may wish to plan all of your outfits and meals for the following week or pluck and shape your eyebrows.

10. Get an early night

One important element of self-care is ensuring your body gets the rest it needs. Plan to start your self-care pampering night early, so once you have finished with the above steps you can get an early night. Turn your phone on silent so nothing disturbs you and try to read 20 minutes before bed to give your eyes a break from digital screens and help yourself relax. You can read a book or magazine, whichever you find most relaxing!

Ready for your ultimate self-care pampering night? Follow the above 10 steps and you will feel revitalised, refreshed and renewed!

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