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Do you want a perfect packed suitcase? Most of the time we come up with a big suitcase full of unnecessary stuff that we don’t even wear during the whole trip. Have you ever done this? I did. Here are a few travel packing tips that will help you choose the best clothes, so you can create beautiful outfits without taking your whole wardrobe.


1.Basic/Casual clothes

It is good to take some universal colors that are easy to combine – pastel colors for example. You won’t be spending too much time on combining clothes, because they will all go well. A white top or T-shirt is a great choice because it looks good with every color and it is perfect for the summer.


2. Comfortable clothes/shoes

When you are traveling you want to feel good, not to think about the shoes that hurt you. Take shoes that you comfortable for sure. Avoid those that you like so much, but hard to wear. Most likely you will not wear them but they take a lot of place in the luggage.


3. Folding things

They are light and don’t take much place in the suitcase. If you have different options always take the folding ones.


4. Wrinkle-free clothes

The moment when you open your luggage and your clothes are all wrinkled – so unpleasant. Choose fabrics that will look good even after a couple of hours in the luggage – polyester, cashmere, knit, denim.


5. Avoid big pieces of jewelry

There is a chance of losing them or hurt them during transportation. Unless you need them for a special occasion, you can leave them at home and go for a minimalistic style.


What are your must-have clothes when traveling? Do you have any other travel packing tips?