#7 ways to transform your work from home space

7 ways to transform your work from home space

Because of the state of the world right now, a lot of us are getting comfortable in our brand-new offices – our homes! And whilst this isn’t always the easiest of transitions, there are ways to turn spaces in your home, no matter how small, into a beautiful work from home space that inspires productivity and encourages you to work, even through the worst of times. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your space can transform from boring to beautiful – without the need for a separate study or studio.

1. Let in the light!

It’s often said that one of the first things we should do when we wake up is let in the natural light. Throw back the curtains, pull up the blinds and welcome the day into your room. The same goes for your workspace. Natural light can have a much more soothing effect than artificial light, so even the smallest windows can give your space a calm, clean feel by the way it’s lit. If you can, try to situate your central space – whether that be a desk or table – close to a window, to let the natural light fall over your work materials.

2. Natural touches

Add a pop of colour with some fabulous flowers in a vase. Not only will this help the room to feel more personal and homely, but it will bring beautiful scents into your space, too. If you’re using real flowers but don’t want to spend a fortune, scour the local supermarket for discounted bouquets or add a cheap arrangement to your weekly shop. These do wilt quickly, however, fake flowers made of cloth will have the same effect – but without needing to be changed or watered.

3. Cosiness multiplied

We can’t always choose where we work in our homes, especially where space is limited, so add little things to make sitting at your work from home space more inviting and comfortable. Use cushions on your chair for lower back support, keep a pair of slippers (or any comfy pair of shoes) underneath your desk so you have something comfortable to wear as you work. You can even keep a kettle close by to keep you stocked up with warming coffee and tea during the day.

4. Snack time!

Keeping snacks nearby or on your workspace not only means you have steady access to something delicious while you are working, but it might also help you stick to a schedule too! Dry, non-perishable snacks like popcorn, pretzels, granola bars, dried fruit, veggie sticks and many more are great healthy snacks for throughout the day when you feel like your energy is starting to drop. If you’re feeling extra creative, pick up your favourite snacks and arrange them in jars or boxes for a more aesthetically pleasing look (that can go straight onto your Insta, #WFHLife).

5. Knick-Knacks

One of the best parts about having a desk or a space that is completely and uniquely yours is that you can decorate it however you like! If you’re looking to recreate something closer to your work desk, add pictures of friends and family in frames, alongside candles, fashionable home accessories and even artwork. Though it’s difficult to get a hold of some things at the moment, searching through websites like Etsy, Redbubble, Amazon and local retailers could help you source some adorable pieces that will make your workspace feel a little more personal.

6. Sounds

Working from home might not always be easy. If you live with other people, or near a busy road, the sounds from outside could be distracting. So pop on your headphones and find some sounds that can help you to concentrate. YouTube has thousands of playlists for working or writing to, as well as plenty of ASMR videos, and meditative ocean, rain and forest sounds that can help keep you focused and relaxed while you’re working. If music is more your thing, figure out what works best for you – whether that be soothing classical pieces or your favourite playlist. What you listen to can transform your productivity and the way you work.

7. Invest in a phone mount

It might seem like a very small change to make, but it could be the thing that takes your desk from casual to business. A silver mount is a sleek way to display your phone – and keep it out of your hands for mindless scrolling – whilst still letting you see your messages and notifications. It could really change the way you work at home.

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