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Teens often change their style and especially girls. However, following the trends is a priority sometimes, because who doesn’t want to be fashionable. Teen fashion is mainly focused on sporty, loose and comfortable clothes and outfits. There is not much of a difference in the adult and teen fashion trends, because most of them this season are valid for everybody. There are some teen fashion trends that stand out this autumn.


Teens love wearing loose hoodies and there is a reason for that. They are so soft and comfortable to wear. The hoodie goes well with all your pants and perfect with your sneakers. It is practical as well, because it can replace your jacket during the Autumn. There is such a variety in colors and models that you will find the best for you for sure.

Colorful socks

Another distinctive teen fashion trend is the colorful socks. They are becoming an essential accessory that perfectly finishes your outfit. Socks can be colorful, funny, with patterns or even pictures. If you are wearing more one-color clothes, a great accent will be those colorful socks. They will give you that fresh and chic finish of the outfit.

colorful socks


Ripped Jeans

The well-known and popular ripped jeans are a popular teen choice. Nowadays, they are even more trendy among teen fashion, especially combined with fishnet tights. Winter may not be the best time for them, so now is the right moment. Ripped jeans go well with a basic T-shirt and your favorite sneakers.

teen fashion


Denim Jacket

When talking about jeans, we cannot skip the denim jacket – another teen fashion trend. This is most of an item coming back from the ‘90s, but it is on today’s runaways. Perfect for the autumn weather and you will have no difficulties combining it.

Big Scarfs

The big scarfs are not something new from this year, but something that is a must-have when talking about teen fashion. They are big, soft and are keeping you warm. At the same time, it is a great accessory, that can be the accent of your outfit. A good advice is to choose a scarf that will go well with most of your clothes, so you will not worry about the color combination. If you want to add color and texture to your outfit, don’t think too much and go for the big scarf.

girls with a big red scarf


Do you wear some of these items on a daily basis and is there something else that you want to add?