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Try a tea drinking ritual for mindful moments

A cup of tea is often part of our daily routine – whether you take your black tea with milk to wake up, love a cup of mint tea before bed, or you prefer an iced tea to cool down on hot days.

But often, you may not enjoy your tea as much as you would like to. If you find yourself rushing through your cup, or forgetting it until it has gone cold, the time has come to change your ways.

Rituals around tea have existed for thousands of years, and in the modern-day, tea rituals can mean something as simple as drinking your cup mindfully.

But what are the benefits of tea rituals for the busy lady? And how might you incorporate them into your daily life? Read on to find out more.

Turning habits into rituals

Tea has historically been used as part of rituals for a long time. With the practice of the tea ceremony originating in China and first being practised in Japan, it has been used as a cultural activity that is as much spiritual as it is physical.

For you, drinking a daily cup of tea may have become a habit that you hardly even think about. But turning your habit into a true tea ritual is not as challenging as you may think it will be.

Tea drinking as a ritual means that you are consciously thinking about the act itself – from choosing which tea you want to drink, to selecting how you brew it, and taking a quiet moment to savour consuming it. This gives the simple action a much deeper meaning and allows you a moment of peace where before there was just a habit.

Mindful moments

Mindfulness seems to be in fashion right now, but creating your own mindful moments is important for enjoying a healthy and happy life. The modern world is busy and hectic, you are always thinking about work, family, or running errands. Even in downtime, you may be checking your phone.

Introducing tea rituals can help you to slow down and stop, grounding yourself and creating a gentle, quiet moment that anyone can benefit from. You can even share this with a group of likeminded people, introduce music, incense, and more. Whether simple or lavish, your tea ritual must be something that suits your needs.

Good for body and mind

Creating your tea ritual is not just good for your mind, but it can even help to support a healthy body for conscious ladies – and help you to feel as good as a whole host of other beauty trends.

Choose healthy herbal teas for your ritual and you will find that they can be high in antioxidants, may give you a boost without the jittery feeling associated with coffee, and can even help in keeping your gut bacteria healthier. There have also been studies to show that tea can reduce the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks.

Aside from that, the mood-boosting properties of calmly enjoying your cup can help you to tackle your day with a little more ease.

Create your ritual

Whether alone or with a group of people, creating a tea ritual can help you to handle your daily life. They can encourage you to focus on your wellbeing, even just for as long as it takes to drink your cup. But what is the right tea ritual for you? Do you really have time for this in your busy schedule?

One popular style of tea ritual is being mindful of each step during making the tea – begin by just noticing each step as it happens.

The next stage of this is to ascribe meaning to each step as you take it. For example, you will choose a cup which you find beautiful and calming, and a tea that suits the time of day. Make sure you are alone or with people who are also calmly partaking in the ritual.

When you boil the kettle, you can think about it as boiling your difficult thoughts away and leaving you calm and unfettered. You can appreciate the aroma of the tea as the water hits it and think of the natural world that created this moment for you.

Through the whole process, the main message should be that you are slowing down and taking time for yourself.

How do you take your tea? However you like it best, try to sip mindfully with a tea ritual to find a moment of calm in a crazy world.


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