Taurus: what your traits and personality mean for your fashion style?

Horoscope style specifics

 Strong, independent and loyal, a Taurus woman is a force to be reckoned with.

 Brimming with genuine love and compassion for others, Tauruses can be a little introverted at times until they truly get to know someone. However, when a Taurus gains the trust of someone they care about, they show limitless devotion and loyalty and will allow their loved ones a glimpse of their inner feistiness and spirit.

Famously intelligent with an artistic side, a Taurus lady has a well-rounded personality that relentlessly attracts others to her. With a love for luxury and a desire to relish the finer things in life, a Taurus has high standards and you may see a glimpse of her sassiness if they are not met. Overall, a Taurus woman is relaxed and laid back with a spark of ferocity deep within her heart.

An eclectic range of tastes

Taurus ladies, born between April 20th and May 20th, are suited to a wide range of styles. With bold personalities that can be tempered with a shy side, they are equally content when dressed up to the nines or dressed down for a cosy evening in with a loved one. The Taurus fashion look is exceptionally varied but universally bold. From pastel prints to sassy sleeveless gowns, there are few very styles that a Taurus will not or cannot successfully embrace.

Dress to impress

As a Taurus lady has the highest standards in life, these also apply to her fashion choices. There is nothing that a Taurus adores more than to dress up for a fancy evening out at a luxurious restaurant. Opulent dresses fashioned out of fabrics such as silk and velvet are an excellent choice for any Taurus. Audrey Hepburn, a famous Taurus lady, was famed for her sumptuous style that included some of the iconic dresses she wore on the red carpet. Short, tapered gowns and long flowing frocks are equally suited to a Taurus. When a stunning dress is paired with a sparkling necklace and bracelet to enhance the outfit, as well as with a pair of killer heels, a Taurus will be full of confidence and ready to let her personality shine.

Relaxing in smart-casual clothes

Although a Taurus loves to dress up, thanks to the more laidback side of her nature, she also enjoys relaxing in more casual clothes in the daytime. Her favourite smart casual combinations could include a classic pair of jeans dressed up with a printed blouse and silk scarf. This genre of outfits is ideal for either a lazy day at home, a romantic walk in the park or even for wearing to work.

A Taurus enjoys the feeling of being comfortable in her clothes and the smart casual style delivers comfort whilst still allowing her to show off her impeccable taste in fashion. Gal Gadot, a famous Taurus, is often spotted out wearing skinny jeans paired with a flowing blouse and fitted blazer as she embraces the smart-casual style.

Bold artistic colours and prints

Strength and independence are two prominent characteristics of Taurus women, meaning both bold block colours and vibrant, striking prints are two staples that will always work well. The artistic and creative side of a Taurus allows for a little experimentation with colour and print. YouTube star, JoJo Siwa is notorious for her personal experimentation with a diverse variety of bold colours and styles that can be typical of a Taurean lady. Animal prints bring out the fiercer side of the Taurus personality while swirling nature prints will enhance and showcase the more laidback and relaxed facets of her character.

Favourite wardrobe staples

Although a Taurus lady loves to vary her look and regularly change up her style, thanks to the intrinsic loyalty that is characteristic of her personality, she will always have a handful of go-to items in her wardrobe that never go out of fashion. Whether it is that little black dress or a beloved pair of her favourite sandals, she is likely to keep wearing her most loved items of clothing for years, regardless of the current trends. A Taurus can easily defy any trend to inspire awe, whatever style she chooses.

Love rules above all else

A Taurean woman is not dominated by fashion trends and will generally opt for the styles that appeal to her individual tastes. The innate independence that is rooted in her personality allows her to make the choice to lead the trends rather than follow them. For more information about fashion, style and beauty, visit Lady Popular.

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