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There are literally thousands of different styles of tattoos available today and each talented artist has their own spin on them. A lot of these popular style choices have been adapted from historical styles with many being centuries old.

If you are thinking about getting into tattoo design then you will want to know the latest beauty trends of this artform. Figuring out how you want your ideal tattoo to look can be hard but the styles we have come up with below may help you narrow it down.

Classic Americana

These are probably the first kinds of tattoos that come into mind when you think of old-school tattoos. They are easy to spot thanks to their bold outlines and many use the same sort of colours and imagery. Classic Americana tattoos have been closely linked to nautical and ocean imagery and they often feature things such as hearts, roses and pinup females.

New School

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum to classic tattoos are new school designs. These are tattoos that look like crazy comic-book pictures and they often depict chaotic worlds full of colour.


Another traditional tattoo art form is the Japanese style. These are centuries old and are tattooed all over the world today, with artists taking on this classic style and modernising it for today’s fashion trends. Traditional imagery is still used in these newer designs, often showing Japanese ladies, floral patterns and samurais.

Black and Grey

For anyone who isn’t a huge fan of bright, bold colour then black and grey tattoos may be the perfect design. This style can encompass a huge range of different images, all done in light to dark black and grey tones. The beauty of these pieces is that they aren’t limited by the subject matter, so they can depict anything you want them to as long as it can be achieved in shades of grey.


You can’t get much more realistic with tattoos than a portrait. Portraits are a sub-set of the realism genre which is basically just renderings of realistic images. These tattoos typically don’t feature heavy black outlines like some of the classic styles we’ve mentioned here. This allows the artist to give an accurate rendition of the person in the portrait, whether it be in colour or black and grey tones.

Stick and Poke

A more painful option but becoming more and more popular in today’s beauty trends is the stick and poke technique. This is literally what it says on the box – a single needle used to create simple and unique designs on the skin. It was made popular by DIY tattoo artists but professionals are now taking on their own unique approach to this technique and creating beautiful art on the skin. You can spot a stick and poke tattoo thanks to its thick, bold lines and they can be characterised by simple yet decorative patterns.


Many people will opt for realism tattoos to depict their favourite person or animals. These tattoos can portray pretty much anything you want them to and can be rendered in both black and grey or colour. This is the most popular style for anyone who has something specific they want tattooed. It takes a skilled tattoo artist to nail this kind of artform because the details have to be perfect and the end result will need to make a big visual impact.


Deriving from the tribal tattoo, blackwork can be defined by its bold and thick black lines and the use of various geometric shapes and patterns. Today tattoo artists take this genre to whole new levels and incorporate different images and patterns that come from popular trends.


Typically a freehand style of tattoo, the biomechanical genre has to be able to adapt to the flow of a person’s body. This is because they are meant to show different parts of machinery hidden away in the skin. While styles like this aren’t often popular with the ladies, the unique artform still takes a lot of skill and the finished pieces are amazing to look at.


Right now these are probably the most in fashion tattoos out there and when they are done right they can be timeless. In this style, geometric elements are brought together with more organic pieces to create a beautifully contrasting piece. Things such as flowers and other parts of nature are combined with sharp, exact shapes that go with the curve of the body. This design stands out in a big way from other styles and the precise lines can only be achieved by an expert tattoo artist.

So there are some of the most popular and in fashion tattoo designs of today. Which one is your favourite?


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Image by TheDigitalWay via Pixabay