# 5 2020 summer trends you can easily incorporate


1. Large claw clips

Enter the new scrunchie. Ok so scrunchies will always be a classic but they are now sharing their spotlight with the return of large claw clips. Like the scrunchie, they have major throwback vibes that will have many of you reunited with childhood memories. With sunny days filling our calendars, we are always looking for ways to keep cool whilst looking stylish. Getting those luscious locks out of your face and neck is a number one priority when surviving the summer heat. Your updos can now be taken to the next level with the addition of a large claw clip. They provide a sophisticated and classy look and the possibilities are endless. This is the ultimate summer accessory. Match them with your outfits or have one staple clip, either way, get your hands on one if you haven’t already. Practical and pretty – a win-win.

2. Tennis skirts

Thanks to our friend Corona it looks like the closest we are going to get to Wimbledon this year is through this fashion trend. However, tennis is still the sport of the summer and now you can go from court to cocktails in seconds with the return of the tennis skirt. This trend is not limited to the classic white style and comes in a range of colors to fit your every mood. The simple, sleek design on the skirt means there are endless styling possibilities. Pair with a crop top for a cute girly look, a polo neck for a sporty look, or a baggy jumper for an edgier look. However, you style your tennis skirt there will be an added preppy vibe to your look.

3. Puff sleeves

This trend has been prevailing for a while now but it’s becoming more and more evident that puff sleeves are a fashion trend that’s here to stay. Shoulder workouts are all the craze as structured shoulders can make your waist appear smaller. Fast track your way to an hourglass figure with the use of puff sleeves. The structure of them adds shape to your shoulders, creating the allusion that your waist is smaller. Wear a puff-sleeved dress for a more girly look, or choose a puff sleeve top to create a sleek summer outfit. Try pairing these with your favourite jeans to take the classic ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo to a whole other level. Go the extra summer mile by styling them with white jeans or a denim skirt. Go for a square neckline for the perfect mix of cute and sexy. There are endless possibilities with this trend as there is a range of fabrics and patterns that puff sleeves come in.

4. Wrap skirts/dresses

Wrap skirts and dresses are so in this summer and we are here for it! This style of dress is super flattering as the wrap sits near the waistline to emphasis (and show off) the natural curves of your body.

Style your wrap dress with a pair of white trainers for the perfect 2020 look, or with a pair of sandals to release those holiday vibes. Wrap skirts are perfect for those outdoor (socially distanced of course) picnics. With many of these skirts actually being in the style of a skort, you can sit cross-legged on the picnic blanket without fear of exposure. Pair with a simple tee or vest for the ultimate summer look. This wrap style is often seen with the addition of frills for the ultimate sassy yet sexy summer look. You could even take it the extra mile and go for a wrap top! They are great for all body types and look super cute.

5. Tie-dye

Tie-dye is another throwback trend that has become super prevalent in the fashion world. If you are into DIY you could try it at home (but remember to be careful), and if you’re a little less creative, you could just buy one straight from the store.

The beauty of DIY means each of your designs will be completely unique! You can also get creative with the style of tie-dye by how you secure them during the process, for example, you could swirl your t-shirt for a spiral pattern. Use bleach for a softer tie-dye look (but remember to not leave the bleach on for too long or it will erode your clothing!) or some colored dyes for an updated 2020 hippie look. If you want to buy them we recommend looking in charity and thrift shops!

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