Sensational styles for plus-sized fashionistas


Sensational styles for plus-sized fashionistas


Are you a lady who loves fashion but feel stuck in a style rut? When you find a look that you are comfortable in, you can tend to stick to it for a little too long – if you are plus-sized, this can be even tougher to break out of.

Maxi women fashion has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years. There is no need to wear clothes that don’t reflect your unique personality. You can look sensational at any size – being curvy is no reason to feel held back in the style stakes. Read on to discover more about how plus-sized ladies can strike out and showcase their individuality while wearing clothes that flatter your gorgeous shape.

Don’t fear form-fitting styles

If you have been hiding yourself away in oversized cuts, you may actually be doing the worst thing for your style and sense of self. Dressing your curves can feel like a challenge, but choosing more form-fitting pieces is a great way to showcase your shape.

Don’t squeeze into clothes that don’t fit, or wear anything so tight that you can see lines from your undergarments. Instead, choose a pencil skirt to nip in your waist and create an hourglass figure. With a pretty shirt, this is a great choice for professional and more laid-back settings. If you prefer a more casual look, try a pair of skinny jeans for that ever-popular style – but make sure you get the right size for you so that you are comfortable as well as cute.

Dress to impress

Have you found yourself hiding away in t-shirts and leggings? Don’t forget that the stars and fashion icons of yesteryear who wore all the best beauty trends often rocked curvy figures!

If you are struggling to find an outfit that makes you feel your best for that special event, take inspiration from plus-sized stars both past and present and do not be afraid to grab a pretty dress. With your hair and makeup done, you will feel incredible and far more sparkly than you could in your old leggings. Dresses for maxi women are gorgeous and you can wear a floor-sweeping long dress or choose a swing dress for vintage vibes.

Invest in excellent shapewear

Do you want to wear something a little tighter but want to smooth out your silhouette? Shapewear doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or restrictive. Whether you want to cinch in your waist a little or just add support to go underneath an outfit, shapewear that fits you well can make you look neater and more polished. Expect this to give you the boost in confidence you need to wear that special dress!

From body briefers, which look a little like a swimsuit and work to nip you in all over, to underwear that can simply hold in your tummy a little, you will have fewer worries about lumps and bumps underneath your clothes. This is especially useful for those situations where you need to feel that little bit tidier.

Accessories are amazing

Chubby women style isn’t all about clothes – the accessories we choose to channel chic maxi women fashion are just as important. Investing in an excellent purse can make you feel much more put together than simply using the same old handbag with every outfit. Choose a stylish oversized tote bag for casual days out with friends, or grab a sparkly clutch to match your favourite party shoes.

And speaking of shoes, you really need to stock up on heels. Even if you are not really a huge fan of a sky-high heel, even wedge sandals or a smaller heel can help to elongate your leg and give you the illusion of height. This is a great trick for making you feel fabulous in any outfit. Accessories are universal – you can enjoy them at any size, and they never have to change with weight fluctuations.

Head to the tailor

On the topic of weight fluctuations, they happen to every woman, but when you are plus-sized, it can feel very upsetting to not be able to wear your favourite dress. You really don’t need to let alterations in your weight stop you from investing in statement pieces. Just head to a tailor and they will be able to alter your clothes to fit you.

Off the rack sometimes means that an item of clothing does not fit your unique body shape in the way you want it to. A tailor can help there, too, by adjusting the item to fit you exactly right. It really is a life hack worth knowing!

Are you feeling inspired to create some new and wonderful plus-sized style looks? Whatever your personal style, show it off and feel fabulous!

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