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There’s nothing like an amazing outfit to boost your confidence at the gym or improve your performance in sports. After all, if you look good, you feel good – and that’s worth far more than any amount of miles you can complete on a treadmill. So how can you exercise and look incredible at the same time? Opting for stylish, fashion-led gym and sports combinations is the best place to start. Here are just a few ideas to take your gym wear up a gear:

Matching coordinates for the gym

Coordinates are bigger than ever in the world of sportswear, with more and more brands offering matching leggings and tops (or crop tops and shorts) than ever before. Nothing makes you look more stylish than a two-piece outfit that perfectly matches in terms of colour and pattern. High-waisted leggings, combined with a sports bra or a cropped top, is particularly popular at the moment and is sure to get you noticed in the gym for all the right reasons.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your co-ords. The best combinations are those with vibrant shades, colour blocking or patterns that draw the eye to the right places. Matching sets are all over social media at the moment, from some of the biggest brands in the business, which means knowing how to look good in the gym is easier than ever before. Simply select the set of your choice, and you’ll look put-together in seconds.

Flowing, loose and cropped clothing for yoga and pilates

While tight yoga pants are still very much a thing for fashionable gym-goers, there’s also been an increase in gym style surrounding more flowy, breathable and loose fabrics. Combined with a simple sports bra and some suitable leggings, an oversized top – cropped or full – can add a great deal to your yoga outfit, while providing plenty of space to breathe. Yoga and pilates both require freedom of movement, so picking something you have full flexibility in is key.

Of course, to take your gym outfit ideas a step further, hopping on the matching mat trend is a great way to coordinate with your outfit in subtle ways. Picking a mat that offers a great contrast or subtle matching style with your chosen outfit is an effortless way to look chic, as well as making your whole get-up look more expensive in the process. Pair flowy pieces with tight items, and you’ll soon have that yoga silhouette down.

Braids over buns and add on the accessories

Practical, pretty and all-around fashionable-looking, braids are the new ponytail or bun when it comes to getting your sweat on. Whether it’s a single braid or over-the-shoulder dual braids, this fashionable look is more popular than ever when it comes to adding the finishing touch to your workout gear. Braids keep your hair out your face without the often-messy effect of a loose ponytail or a hastily-made bun and can be easily worn for the rest of your day.

Equally, for those that love to exercise outdoors, pairing your braids with an on-trend cap can be a great way to add interest to a jogging or running outfit. Think minimal, with block colours and simple designs, and you’ll soon be creating the high-end lifestyle image you hope to achieve. If you’re the type to carry a water bottle with you, opt for one of the modern, metal-style bottles over plastic for a touch of eco-friendly chic in your final look.

Go short over long

Shorts are back in a big way for the gym, and they’re more popular than ever for an easy, breezy workout without breaking a sweat. Cycle shorts, in particular, have made the leap from mainstream fashion and onto the exercise bike. Combined with a light, airy top and strappy sports bra, you can make the right impression for your next spin class or HIIT training session while staying cool and keeping on-trend.

Simple, black shorts are a great place to start with this trend, but colour is where it’s really at. From muted greys and blues to neon yellows and pinks, there’s plenty of options to choose from with these stylish shorts. Most importantly, picking a contrasting or matching crop top is the perfect way to finish off your look – especially with a loose, cropped hoodie thrown over the top for maximum style without putting any effort in.

Beauty at the gym is here to stay – so why not invest in a new outfit that boosts your confidence and gets those endorphins flowing? There’s nothing like shopping for the gym to get you excited about going, after all.

Image by scottwebb via Pixabay