What is coming up in January in Lady Popular?

Have you heard about the color-blocking trend? With this trend, we will start the new year. The idea is to combine colors that are opposites on the color wheel – red and green, yellow and purple, orange and pink. In this maps event, you will have the chance you win colorful and chic outfits, as well as some trendy bob hairstyles.


A Collection with princess look dresses from the fairy tales will come next. With this collection, you can create beautiful fantasy looks.


For the gothic style lovers, we have dedicated a whole slots event to this dark style. There will be gothic outfits for him and for her. To complete that look you will have the chance to win lips and hairstyles. If you are a black lover, don’t miss that event.


Cozy mornings with a cup of coffee at home…sounds great right? This gifts event will be dedicated to that feeling and some comfy fluffy clothes. Messy bun and waves are just some of the hairstyles that you could win. Also, there will be some gorgeous kitchen furniture to complete the cozy feeling.

Chinese culture is so interesting and impressive. We will dive you into this world with a beautiful collection of outfits and accessories.
This time we decided to keep the pictures from the last event and collection in secret for now. They will be a surprise later on.

The VIP gift in January will be this stylish winter outfit.


What do you think about the upcoming events and collections in January?


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