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Hey girls,

Last week the fan art we discovered was absolutely mind-blowing!!!

Without further ado here are our top picks from last week:

1. If you are still not using TikTok then maybe @bettyshor TikTok channel will turn you into a regular fan! Make sure to check her amazing channel as she has some fantastic stuff there! Check some of her work here ,here and here!

2. Looking for some inspirational combinations with your pets? Look no further than Eva Adamova’s Pinterest page right here and you will discover a multitude of wonderful combinations.

3. We can’t do a fan art post without mentioning some of the great work that has been uploaded on Instagram during last week! Here are our top picks: lady Лигла and lady Ванеса В.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and upload your fan art on your social media channel and don’t forget to tag us once you do!

LP team,”