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Sexy underwear: The best of 2019, and what’s hot in 2020
There’s nothing like a nice pair of undies to make your day instantly better. Whether they’re worn under workwear, out and about or exclusively in the bedroom, there’s something about sexy underwear that we all love. Sure, it’s not always comfortable for hours of wear – but it’s well worth it for that big boost of confidence. Love to invest in the newest cute sets or trendy underwear in fashion? We’ve got you covered.

We take a look at some of the biggest lifestyle and beauty lingerie trends you should be buying into, so you don’t have to:

2019’s top hits

At the end of the decade, 2019 was the time for experimentation and, quite honestly, comfort above all else. While plenty of new lingerie looks arrived on the scene in this year, the continued popularity of athleisure made comfy smalls a bigger trend than ever before. With the average lady forgoing underwire in favour of daily comfort, 2019 was an excellent year for all-day comfort without sacrificing style.

Looking for specifics? Here are the top underwear trends that were hot in fashion in 2019:

Cotton basics

Previously in the realm of younger children and older ladies, cotton has made a massive comeback for underwear. With big-name brands like Calvin Klein and countless imitators coming out with comfortable cotton sets, just about every retailer jumped on this trend. Often modelled after sports and comfort bras, these on-trend sets often use contrast bands and colours to add interest – though there are plenty that love the everyday white or grey sets on offer. Popularised by celebrities and influencers, both for daily wear and loungewear, this lingerie trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From straight figures to plus size, this style looks good on everyone.


If there’s one trend that really caught on in 2019, it’s the humble bralette. While fans of this style of lingerie have been telling everyone about all the benefits of this bra for years, the past twelve months are when this style properly hit trending status. Often forgoing underwire, the increasingly sophisticated design elements mean these bralettes are just as beautiful on larger-chested ladies as those with smaller requirements. Add in some lace, bold splashes and a few muted colourways, and bralettes are one 2019 trend that’s sticking with us.

The ‘V’ pant

If you’ve been to the lingerie side of Instagram anytime in the last year, you would have seen the bikini bottoms and pants reaching ever-higher up models’ and influencers’ hips, to achieve that slimming ‘V’ pant effect. With fuller hips and larger behinds hugely fashionable at the moment, this style of underwear beautifully accentuates curvy figures – and even adds some extra curve to slimmer bodies, too. Realistically, this fit could be done with any knicker or pant, but a properly fitted pair really made all the difference for lingerie in 2019.

What’s hot for 2020?

2020 may only be a few months young, but we already know what we like when it comes to beautiful, trendy underwear. Whereas 2019 was big on comfort, 2020 is big on the statement – with pieces that look as good hung up in a wardrobe or stored in drawers as they do on your body. Here are our top trend picks for 2020:

Harnesses and straps

Strappy designs are nothing new in the world of underwear, but harnesses and similar strap-based underwear are quickly gaining the lead. Using elastic, leather or faux leather, these pieces can be worn both on top of clothes or without clothes at all – the choice is all yours. Varying from plain and simple to delicate and lacy, these free-from pieces fit a range of body types and look particularly striking on curvy figures.

Sheer and tattoo lace

Tattoo lace refers to sparse use of lace on top of sheer panelling or underwear pieces, which is a growing trend for 2020. Minimalistic and a little bit sexy, bodysuits, as well as pants and bras, are popular for this style. These designs perfectly flatter hourglass figures, bringing attention to all the right areas. With the right detailing, they can also detract attention from other areas for those a little more self-conscious.


Luxurious, elegant and the dark side of beautiful. Velvet is making a comeback for lingerie that needs to be seen. Teddies, slips and lingerie sets are making ample use of this classic fabric, thoroughly modernising the material with lace accents, high-waisted cuts and unique colourways. Deep greens, blush pinks and gunmetal greys are popular choices, but there’s plenty of opportunity for even the pickiest lingerie lover.

What’s your top pick for 2020’s underwear trends? From velvet to lace, harnesses to cotton, there are no limits to what’s in fashion this year – and what’s still big from 2019.


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