#9 self-care hints and tips you need to know


9 self-care hints and tips you need to know

Self-care is more important than ever before because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we slowly transition to the new normal, we need to take time out to look after our physical and mental health. Below we share 9 self-care hints and tips that all women need to know.

1. The importance of sleep One of the most important changes you can make to improve both your physical and mental health is ensuring that you get enough sleep. If you have difficulty getting to sleep, then there are a few things you can do. It is vital that you have a routine, so try and go to bed at the same time each night. Avoid stimulants, such as coffee and alcohol, in the hours leading up to bedtime, and it’s also a good idea to not use your smartphone when in bed. Swap that phone for a book.

2. Start a new hobby Have you always wanted to take up a new hobby? If yes, then now is the time. Absorbing yourself in a new hobby will allow you to take time out and step away from those everyday worries and troubles. Hobbies that involve you using your hands are particularly beneficial. This could include doing a bit of gardening or taking up painting. Knitting and crocheting are also good skills to learn.

3. Exercise every day Try and exercise every day, even if you don’t feel like getting up off your couch. Exercise releases those endorphins and makes you feel happy. The lockdown has made us all become more imaginative and resourceful in how we can exercise at home. Set aside 30 minutes every day for exercise and do activities such as dancing along to YouTube dance classes, yoga, running around your garden or simply going for a socially distanced walk.

4. The weekly at-home facial Self-care is also about looking and feeling good. One great way to do so is by embracing the at-home facial, especially in light of the current lockdown restrictions. When you apply a face mask you are actually doing a lot more than cleansing your skin. You are actually creating time to sit and think, or to listen to a podcast or music. It is time that you have carved out just for you.

5. Learn to say no Many women find it hard to say no to the demands placed upon them by family and friends. But learning to say no is a huge step towards self-care and looking after your mental health. You need to be realistic with your daily goals and if you simply don’t have the time to do that additional chore or favour, then you need to voice this and explain why you can’t help out. What you can do is offer to help at another time suited to your needs.

6. Get out every day We all need a connection with our environment and the wider world. Connecting with others via the internet and viewing nature online is pleasurable, but we also need the real thing. We need to feel the heat of the sun and the wind on our skin. When we experience nature, such as walking through a park or watching birds on a feeder in the garden, we feel happier and our stress levels become much lower.

7. Fine-tune those organizational skills Routine and being organized can help us to feel more in control. In turn, this can help to make us feel less anxious while reducing our stress levels. Making lists can be helpful, while other women prefer weekly planners. What is important is that you can create a daily schedule that adds structure to your day. If you have kids then get them involved in drawing up those to-do lists and cleaning rotas.

8. Designated no-screen time This may seem a little scary, especially if you live your life on Twitter, Insta or love to read those lifestyle blogs. But, setting time aside in the day that is a designated no-screen time can be hugely beneficial for your mental health. Try and switch off those devices for at least an hour. Use this time to pick up a physical book, bake some biscuits or simply chat to a friend.

9. Learn to meditate Finally, you need to learn to meditate and to practice meditation every day. You may think this is not for you, but don’t dismiss it until you give it a try. There are so many apps that are out there that can help you, plus many books, podcasts and YouTube videos. Find the medium that best suits your needs and give it a go! Take time out for you and make self-care part of your daily routine.

Or you can just play Lady Popular and have fun! 🙂

Image by holdosi via Pixabay

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