Sagittarius sign – what to expect?

Sagittarius personality

If a new Sagittarius friend, date or colleague has walked into your life, what can you expect from those born under the influence of this sun sign? What is their favourite fashion style? What might they wear when out with a friend or romantic partner?

Those born between November 22nd and December 21st are known as independent free spirits with tenacious confidence, love of travel and an adventurous side that goes with being born under one of the more sociable signs of the Zodiac. With interests that can range from philosophy to travel, culture and the arts, Sagittarians can be great company.

A flexible approach to style

With an open-minded approach to fashion and an ability to wear a wide range of looks, let’s say a Sagittarius can light up a garden party with an on-trend floral number, before stunning with an elegant evening dress or pantsuit at a black-tie dinner.

Whilst they can appear to effortlessly nail the look of the moment, their refreshing social conversational style can be a pleasant surprise for those who prefer a more straightforward chat. At a formal event, a Sagittarius guest is likely to be popular for their sense of humour as much as their style.

Whilst a reputation for being ‘direct’ is said to be one of the key Sagittarius traits, their friends understand that the Sagittarius simply doesn’t have the time to engage in polite small talk if they have a million-and-one other things to do, like planning their next road trip or holiday abroad.

With an interest in the latest beauty tips, this sun sign might spend a few hours a month watching the latest ‘how-to’ videos online or keep up-to-date with beauty trends by reading their favourite column in a magazine (alongside a browse through the Sagittarius horoscope of course!). Not too much time though, as this sign prefers to be enjoying life in the great outdoors rather than stuck inside planning a look for their next social event.

A style for adventure

As a fire sign with a mutable quality, Sagittarians are usually lively, passionate, extroverted people, who can be just as happy travelling solo as they are living life’s adventures with the company of others. Their optimistic outlook on the world and love of risk-taking makes this fiery companion a great match for those with a cheery spark and confidence of their own.

Are you free for a hike around the coast/mountains/parkland – tomorrow? If you are involved with this sign, know that invites to last-minute trips and spontaneous adventures are a key trait of your Sagittarius friend. And don’t think they like the easy road! Sagittarians love physical challenges and off-trail explorations. Why take the popular path when the secret track looks so much more interesting?

The wardrobe of a Sagittarius is likely to include hiking boots and khaki pants alongside that fashionably expensive top they just had to buy from the local boutique.

Dating style

With fashion tastes that change from one season to the next and a wardrobe that regularly changes in line with their interests, a Sagittarian with a spontaneous personality is likely to have a number of outfit choices on hand but ultimately decide on their date outfit at the last minute.

In a relationship, a Sagittarius partner is likely to be entertaining and witty, with a larger social circle than most and a pragmatic sense of style.

Sagittarius at work

Whilst not usually known for being overly ‘pretentious’ about their fashion choices, most Sagittarians will not want to be left behind their colleagues in the style stakes if applying for a promotion. Ambition can be a Sagittarian trait, so if an exciting new role is on offer at their workplace, expect them to turn out in a fashionably appropriate work outfit they spent an entire day putting together following a trip to the local mall or a determined hunt online.

At an interview, you might find a Sagittarius wearing a nicely fitted pantsuit accessorized with stylish earrings and a designer purse they bring out for special occasions, since this down-to-earth and approachable sign is unlikely to be overly concerned with labels.

With Jupiter as their ruling planet, optimism tends to come easily to this sunny sign, which helps them present themselves in a positive manner when applying for a new role or promotion at work.

Ultimately, this confident and adventurous sign values comfort and exploration as much as they value fashion.

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Image by MiraCosic via Pixabay

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