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There are so many great styles out there to try. With something for everyone, fashion can be real fun for every kind of lady/ladies. However, creating fresh and exciting looks can feel like a challenge sometimes. If you want to branch out into some new beauty trends, then why not look into romper style?

This playful and pretty piece is perfect for dressing up or down. But where did the romper come from, and how can you style it into an on-trend must-have? Read on to find out!

The history of the romper

The romper, often known as a playsuit, first became a popular item of clothing in the early 1900s – though back then, it was for young children and was not quite as stylish as it is these days! They were used as clothes that children could play in, as they allowed freedom of movement. In France, children sometimes wore rompers as a more dressy item – perhaps the true predecessor of the romper as we know and love it today.

Not just for kids

In the 1950s, rompers started to be made for adults, with stylish ladies realising that they could enjoy the flexibility of wearing shorts with the fashion-forward look of a dress. This did not become a widely worn look until the 1970s, when it was generally a more casual garment. However, once the 1980s took off, so did the romper! Suddenly, you could buy a romper in a range of styles and prints, perfect for going on holiday, relaxing at home, or even heading out for a nice meal.

In the early 2000s, the popularity of the romper returned in full force, and now it was for all ages. Sometimes, even designs for men have been released! Nowadays, everyone can enjoy the comfortable, cute cool of a romper – it’s fun for the whole family!

The design

A romper, or romper dress, can come in a range of amazing styles and prints. Made from every material from terry cloth for romper pyjamas to silk for romper evening wear, you can pick up a playful romper for every occasion. Available with or without sleeves, the romper usually falls above the knee and is available in bright and colourful prints, or minimalist block shades.

Romper vs jumpsuit

You may already be a fan of the romper’s sister style – the jumpsuit. While the romper is generally short in the leg, falling above the knee, a jumpsuit is a full-length piece. A jumpsuit provides more coverage in cooler weather, so it is ideal for winter and autumn, but a romper is a little more fun and flirty. You may also have seen mid-length rompers, in the culotte style. This is a wonderful look for work and can match professionalism with a timeless prettiness.

Relaxed summer style

If you pick up a cotton romper, it will be ideal for wearing during the hot summer months. You can wear a bright print to stand out, or choose something plainer, such as a pure white romper, if you have a more minimalist aesthetic. For the summer season, a sleeveless, or even tube top style, romper is great for those warmer nights, and you can pair it with comfortable sandals or sneakers for a casual daytime look. This is what makes the romper such a popular choice for wearing while sunning yourself on holiday, as it can effortlessly transition from hanging out poolside to visiting those top tourist spots or enjoying a meal in the evening.

Dressing it up

While you may be tempted to see a romper as a purely casual piece, there are so many ways to make it work for those more dressed up evenings out. This top trend can even work for a special event. The trick to wearing a romper to a more dressy event is in what material and print you choose. A silk romper with long sleeves will work well with a pair of high heels or tasteful ballet flats in any high-class restaurant environment, or choose a velvet romper paired with a shrug, tights and boots for a winter work party. You could even choose a cream or beige romper and a pair of complementary wedge heels if you are a guest at a wedding. Whatever your own personal style, whether you love retro looks or always try to look completely current, a romper can work for you.

Are you in love with romper clothes? If you haven’t yet entered the wonderful world of rompers, consider this your inspiration to grab yourself this popular style essential, perfect for chic summer styling.

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Image by pollianapoltronieri via Pixabay