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Ladies! Here’s how to look like a rock-star

The iconic rock-star wardrobe is all about achieving that free, sexy and badass look. It’s a style that will never go out of fashion, as it can be easily adapted to each season and current trends. The iconic rock-star look is all about individual beauty and rocking your own style. Anything goes! You just need to be brave and find your own rock-star style that is right for you.

If you are struggling to grasp the basics of this rock-star look, then we can help you. Forget all about those baggy clothes and days of heavy Gothic inspired makeup. Today’s rock-star fashion is all about mixing and matching different looks that you are comfortable in. Here we share our quick guide on how to look like a rock-star by listing those must-have items to help you achieve a badass look.

The leather jacket

Every woman who wants to achieve a rock-star look needs to have a leather jacket. It really is part of the rock-star lifestyle. Now, this can be made from faux leather, and it doesn’t need to be black. What’s important is that it feels comfortable and that you are able to wear it with anything. The leather jacket really is a great all-rounder, as it can be teamed with jeans for everyday wear, and a cute dress in the evenings. Opt for a short waist-length leather jacket, or if preferred go long and wide. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable will help you to rock the look.

Studded boots

Who doesn’t love a cute boot! Every rock-star chic needs to rock a pair of studded boots, and ideally, you should own ankle boots and knee-high boots, so that you have a pair of boots to wear with any outfit, no matter if it is day or night. The rock-star look is all about making a statement while looking as if you haven’t made an effort. So, the ankle boot should be simple, sturdy and feature a thick sole with decorative studs. You can have a lot of fun with the knee-high boot. Choose boots with an easy to use zip and wear them with skinny jeans.

Cute denim shorts

The classic pair of shredded denim shorts can be worn in the summer and winter months. The rule for the rock-star look is that they need to be high waisted and well-fitting. They can be faded denim or a striking black. They can also feature patches. Wear them in the summer months with a pair of converse trainers or ankle boots. Then, during the colder months simply wear them over a pair of leggings or black tights. They will look fantastic when teamed with knee-high studded boots.

The skinny jeans

One essential item of clothing is a pair of skinny jeans, and the great news is that you can wear them with anything, all year round. You can opt for any colour and any style, including stone washed, ripped, knee patches and multi-coloured skinny jeans. For the classic badass look then you really need to opt for black or dark blue. Just add a fitted tee shirt for everyday wear, then for a night out simply add a pretty grunge-inspired dress and killer ankle boots.

The sun glasses

Every rock-star girl needs to own and rock a pair of shades. The most important thing is not how much you pay, you really don’t need that expensive pair of Ray-Bans, but rather the size of the frame and your attitude. The shades you need to wear should be large and either round or square. They need to be black and make a bold statement. Ideally, the frame should be sturdy and thick. For the ultimate rock-star look be sure to add that black eye makeup for maximum effect when you remove your shades.

The grunge inspired dress

Summer will soon be here, so every wanna be rock-star really needs to buy a grunge-inspired dress. The great news is that there is so much choice out there. You can buy these dresses in pretty florals, in striking black velvet, satin dresses of all colours and either as a long ankle-length style or one that cuts off at the knee. Wear a grunge dress with canvas trainers, a cute vest top and when it gets cooler add a leather jacket or boyfriend blazer.

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