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Just a few years ago, emoji use still felt fairly new. Using a smiley face on a work email might be considered unprofessional, and your parents definitely had no idea what these little images meant! Fast forward to 2021, and emojis have become a language of their own.

You can type out a string of emojis and have the person you are texting with understand you without words. Your boss and even your grandma might use them, and it is hard to write a text message or email without an emoji or five.

But what are the most used emojis online now? This has changed a lot in the past few years, so read on to stay up to date on the latest popular style in the world of emojis.


You may not expect it, but one of the favourite emojis on the internet is the fire emoji! No, it’s not just for use when you are actually sitting in front of a roaring fire, it is usually used when someone is talking about succeeding at something or feeling great. When they are “on fire”, so to speak. The fire emoji has been increasingly used to show people “looking fire”, too – perfect for illustrating those high fashion moments for the stylish lady/ladies.

Loud crying face

The loud crying face is the most used emoji on the internet in 2021. A crying face might be used to show that you are sad about something, yes, but this over the top crying face tends to mean being overwhelmed by good feelings rather than bad. It is one of those that you really have to have emoji knowledge to understand!

Red heart

We have all either sent or received a red heart emoji, and it has a pretty straightforward meaning. The red heart emoji is used to convey love and positivity, or to thank someone for supporting you if you happen to be a celebrity. Read more about celebrities here


The sparkle emoji is beloved but perhaps you haven’t used it yourself – yet! It is used to convey excitement and a sense of magic, as well as good news. However, the sparkles might also be seen paired with a dark statement, joke or message in order to add a touch of irony or sarcasm to the missive. This is a very popular way of using the sparkles emoji among those in their teens and twenties, where dark humour thrives.

Laughing face with tears

While the laughing face with tears might seem a little old fashioned to Gen Z, it is still very widely used by the internet. Some people think that it makes you look older and uncool, but social media is still full of these faces. They show overwhelmed hilarity, and can also be used ironically.

Smiling face surrounded by hearts

This is a little bit more modern than using the red heart emoji, and it is sometimes called the “cloud of love” emoji. It is used to show when you feel loved and can also be used to convey feelings of love and affection towards those you are chatting with. It has grown in popularity in the past couple of years when online communication has grown.

Pleading face

The pleading or ‘please’ face can be used in many different ways. It is a good way of giving someone puppy dog eyes in a text, but it can also be used to convey your concern or sorrow. You can also use it to show someone that you care about them or to show that you love them so much you are overwhelmed by it. Imagine the face you pull when you see a super cute animal – it’s a little like that!


This one is weird! The chair emoji has become more and more used in recent months, especially on TikTok, where you can look to find the latest fashion style emoji use thanks to its youthful demographic. The chair emoji is being used to replace the laughing emoji, for no other reason than TikTok users think it’s funny. Which, when you think about it, it really is. This shows how emoji use can evolve seemingly nonsensically – perhaps we will all be using the chair emoji to laugh with soon.

As you can see, there are lots of super popular emojis out there, perfect for capturing our emotions. Whether you are trying to add an air of informality to an email, share some exciting news on social media or even just have a text conversation with your best friend, the emoji (like all the best fashion and beauty trends) isn’t going away!
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