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For many young women, travel is a rite of passage as they enter adulthood. It’s a chance to explore the world beyond your hometown and create memories with your friends that will last for a lifetime.

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, it’s not hard to find pictures of sun-soaked girls in bikinis having fun on a Bali beach, breathtaking views of the bay Down Under, or midnight raves in Thailand. These popular destinations are popular for a reason, but they can have their downsides. Thousands of tourists descend on these beauty spots every year, so expect long queues, packed trains and buses, uncomfortable hostels, and fully-booked restaurants that you don’t have a chance of getting a table in.

Maybe you need to look for the next up-and-coming travel destination to live out your nomad travelling fantasy. Stay ahead of the curve and try out these incredible places to travel with your friend nomads while earning yourself some serious cool points!

1) Santiago, Chile

Skip the tourist buzz of Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires and discover the emerging South American hotspot that is Santiago! Santiago is the cosmopolitan capital of Chile, home to an incredible arts and nightlife scene that’s waiting for you to explore.

Santiago offers you the best of everything a traveller could want, including adventures across the Cerro San Cristobal peaks, historic museums steeped in Mayan culture, and various cool cafes and bars in Barrio Italia for delicious brunches with your friends. Santiago is an affordable place to travel to with accommodation to suit every budget, and it isn’t too difficult to make your way to the Chilean coasts for a relaxing beach day.

2) Gallipoli, Turkey

Turkey is better known for its family-friendly resorts like Marmaris, as well as its spectacular capital city, Istanbul. If you’re looking for a lesser-known travel destination sure to make your friends jealous back home, check out the historic sites of Gallipoli.

The Gallipoli Peninsula is home to gorgeous coves and idyllic beaches on the Aegean Sea, providing the perfect backdrop for your summer pictures. Beyond its beauty, Gallipoli is a sacred place for the Turkish due to its poignant role in World War I and has become a revered site for many tourists around the world. If you’re looking to combine aesthetics with culture, Gallipoli offers both in spades.

3) Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Why pay extra money for a hotel with an infinity pool when you can visit one of the most famous waterfalls in the world? Victoria Falls straddles the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe and offers the most breathtaking views across Southern Africa. The waterfall is home to Devil’s Pool, a natural pool in which visitors can bathe from the very peak of the waterfall. Devil’s Pool is only safe to visit at certain times of the year, but it will be an unforgettable experience long after you return home!

4) Lake Garda, Italy

For ladies who like to lunch in style, Lake Garda is the sophisticated sister of the more popular tourist destination of Venice. Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake and borders multiple Italian towns and villages, offering amazing architecture and a plethora of charming cafes and restaurants, as well as a growing nightlife scene. Take a boat trip out and sample delicious wine, coffee and pasta from one of the most beautiful places in the world, nestled by the Northern Italian mountains. If you like north Italy do not miss the city of Milan

5) Tulum, Mexico

Guaranteeing hot weather all year round, Mexico’s beaches have an enduring appeal to travellers who want their fun in the sun. Instead of making a beeline for Cancun, how about trying Tulum’s coast of soft, white sands and crystal clear seas? After working on your tan, you can explore the Mayan ruins and try your hand at cave and cavern diving with your friends, before retiring back to your lodgings to get ready for cocktails! Tulum is also the home of the Salsa Sunday tradition, where you can dance with the tall, dark and handsome locals to round off your weekend.

There’s so much fun to be had the world over, with hidden gems in every continent offering incredible culture, food, fun and unbeatable views that you will never forget. Why follow the established travel trends when you can set them? Book your next adventure with your friends today and spread the word on these marvellous places to travel!

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