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#Are you Happy?

Don't worry be happy! The 20th March, 2020, marks the International Day of Happiness. This globally-celebrated occasion is geared towards injecting a bit of happiness back into our lives, with a range of activities and events that are guaranteed to put a smile on your...

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#St Patrick’s day is here!

St. Patrick's Day is here! It’s now one of the biggest parties in the world. Every 17 March, millions of people around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day, even if they don’t have any Irish ancestry at all. Many more watch the special parades that take place in...

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#Sleeping Beauty!

Sleeping beauty! It’s World Sleep Day, so we’ve decided to take a look at those hours we spend slumbering, and why they’re so vital to a happy and healthy lifestyle. As we all know, sleep is an incredibly important part of our lives – with a good night’s sleep...

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#Women’s day is here!Did you know?

Women's Day is here! International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March each year and it's a day for any woman, anywhere to try to make a difference - whether that's in a small or major way. Why is it so important for me to mark International Women's Day? The day also...

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#Women writers and world Books day

 What is World Book Day? World Book Day is, quite simply, an annual event that was introduced by the UN in 1995 to encourage more people to read and promote books. It takes place on March 5 each year, with people around the world asked to share their favourite books,...

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#Winter Beauty Tips

 Even when it is cold, we shouldn’t stay only at home. Now we need sun and fresh air more than any other season. It is good to spend time outside, but we need to take care of our skin and hair. Skin During the winter our skin gets dry and we need to take special...

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