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Collection: Oversized Coats

It’s cold outside and it is time for the new collection in Lady Popular - Oversized Coats. Every woman needs a functional and stylish coat for the cold months. It's nice to wear figure-hugging pieces, but an oversized coat is just as flattering. Especially with the...

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The Power of Music

Hey gorgeous babes! It is time for new event in Lady Popular - The Power of Music. Music is a universal language and has the power to connect people and bring them closer to each other. A single melody can bring back sweet memories or sadness, but it’s always healing...

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Must-Have Winter Accessories

As winter is so close already and especially the cold snowy weather, it is time to get ready. Except warm clothes, there are some winter accessories that are a must this season. The best thing about winter is that you can wear so many different accessories from head...

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