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Calming oils are a very trending substance that we get to hear in our daily life, be it on the television, in the advertisement of products, labels of cosmetics, and many other places. While they are also an ingredient in cosmetics, medicines, and sometimes in body relaxing beverages such as green tea and normal teas, there are many benefits these oils have for our body. In this article, we will be spelling out a few of the benefits one can avail of from these calming oils.

What are calming oils?

Calming oils refer to volatile chemical compounds that are extracted from plants, they hold the properties of a flower, such as its scent, flavor and are obtained through mechanical processing and distillation. However, as the name suggests essentials are not oils in the literal sense and they are called essential for the simple fact that they hold the essence of the source from which they have been derived.

Benefits of calming oils:

Boosts mood:
Calming oils help in calming down the muscles, and tissues of the body, thus, they are helpful for a lot many reasons. There are certain calming oils that have antidepressant properties such as lime, thyme, lemongrass, and pine. These calming oils if inhaled or rubbed on the palm of your hands can give you a soothing effect, and can transform your mood, thus, these oils help in balancing out one’s mood and help in feeling better.

Reduces stress:
Many oils are used in aromatherapy and help in managing stress and anxiety. For example, it was found by scientists that orange oils possess an anxiety-reducing effect. Not only orange oils but a wide range of oils are known to possess anxiolytic or calming properties, which work instantly without any delay and help a person in reducing stress.

Increase attentiveness:

• Some calming oils have a direct impact on improving focal strength, stamina, and concentration, as they stimulate areas in the limbic system that controls memory, learning, and attentiveness, while there are many other calming oils that have an indirect impact on improving focus and concentration as they help in lowering down stress levels, reduce anxiety and help in wiping away negative emotions.

Improves sleep:
Calming oils possess this quality of relaxing and improving sleep, it was proven by scientists who tested this claim on older adults who were suffering from dementia, and using lavender oil around a towel near their pillow increases their sleep time and revamps the quality of sleep.

Reduce anxiety and pain:
There are many calming oils that help in calming and easing pain, when calming oils are inhaled they pass through the olfactory trajectory and reach our brain, where they regulate the nervous system and calm down the senses, which gives a sensation of relief and relaxation, thus, doing away with pain and putting away anxiety.

Helpful for better skin:
Using a few drops of calming oils on your skin can prove to be very useful for the overall skin, lavender oil is an all-in-one oil, one of the best options one can use, it calms, soothes, nourishes the skin, and relaxes it. Since it helps the skin in relaxing by calming it down, aging of the skin can be delayed, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and other such aging symptoms can thus be delayed and one can look young for a longer period of time.

Relieve headaches:
Oils such as peppermint oil are one of the best cures for headaches and migraine attacks, it can help relax muscles of the head and ease pain, this is because they contain methanol, which consists of pain-relieving properties. Thus, if you complain of having a headache, better than tablets or any such option, just rub two or three drops of diluted peppermint oil and done! The pain will be gone within 5 to 10 minutes of the application of oil, or just inhale two drops of the oil and you will be pain-free.

Reduce nausea:
Another benefit of using calming oils is that they help in reducing nausea, for the same reason as stated before, calming oils have a calming effect on the body, muscles, tissues, and even cells! So, in case you feel nauseous, inhale two to three drops of peppermint or lavender oil, they will help in relaxing and calming the gastric muscles, keep them from cramping and over contracting, this is how they help in reducing nausea.

Other benefits:
Some calming oils are used for adding flavor to food such as lime and lemongrass, orange oil helps in putting away ants from a room whereas there are certain vapor rubs that include eucalyptus extract.

From the above points, we can conclude that the benefit of calming oils are not only limited to skin and health but also have diverse use at home and in other industries.

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