Night Out Makeup Look

You are going for a long-awaited night out, but you don’t have inspiration for your night out makeup look. You can follow the steps below to achieve an easy and attractive look for the perfect night.


Firstly, it is good to start with a primer. It will prepare your skin and help your makeup to lasts longer, something that you definitely want for a night out makeup. The next step is the color correcting product. Depending on what your skin needs you can use foundation for good coverage or CC cream with a lighter formula. Move on to filling in your brows.


After your skin is ready, you can continue with the eyes. It is good to use an eyeshadow primer or your face primer. Start by applying a light nude eyeshadow that will be used as a base. Then, you can build your colors up. Depending on which color palette you will be using (dusty rose, brown, purple) pick a bit darker shade and put it in the crease – this will be your transition color. After that go for the darkest color and use it for the outer crease. Use a blending brush all the time to blend all the colors smoothly and avoid any harsh edges. Choose the lightest shade and put it in the inner corner of the eye and underneath the browbone.

If you want a shinier look, you can put some shimmery color in the center of the eye. To add definition, put some black eyeliner or black eyeshadow. Finish the eyes by applying one or two coats of mascara.

Once your eyes are ready, you can go back to the face and use concealer for the undereye area. Keeping in mind that you are doing a night out makeup, it is better to use concealer after your eyes are ready to make sure that no shimmer or color will fall over your concealed area. Setting powder under your eyes will help your concealer last longer.

Highlighter & Bronzer

The night out makeup look allows you to use more makeup. You can put some highlighter on the cheekbones and on top of the cupid’s bow. Contour your face a little bit by applying bronzer to your cheeks, jawline and forehead.

Last but not least are the lips. Darker colors and perfect for a night out makeup – dark red, plum, burgundy or deep purple.

You can set everything by using a fixing spray and you will not think about your makeup but having fun and enjoying your night out.

What was your last night out makeup? Do you have favorite colors for that kind of look?

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