Mornings are not your favorite part of the day? What if you have a morning routine, that will make you feel refreshed and ready for the day? Yes, it is possible. You can have a pleasant, inspiring and refreshing start of the day. What you need is a little bit of motivation and willingness.

Get up earlier

Try to get up a little bit earlier. You will have time for those little things that will make the good start of the day. This doesn’t mean to get at 4:00 AM, 30 minutes earlier than usual is pretty much enough. On the other hand, you may know, but people are most productive in the morning.

Alarm clock


Make a daily schedule

There is always a benefit in being organized. Once you have even a rough plan of your day, you will not have to worry about missing something. If you want to be more precise, you can write things down in a To-do list, if not you can just think about your tasks and try to structure them in your mind.


Breakfast is an important part of your morning routine. It is essential to start your day with the necessary nutrients and vitamins. If you don’t have enough time for something special, so can go for a quick smoothie. Fruit, vegetables, nuts…you can put whatever you like and get a delicious, freshly-blended smoothie.

morning routine breakfast



Great start of the day will be watching a motivation video. For those of you who don’t have much time in the morning, you can listen to an inspiring podcast. The advantage is that you can listen to it while having breakfast or doing your makeup. If you are not used to doing that, you can think of your own goals and what is the next step of achieving them.

Morning routine motivation - coffee


Makeup and Outfit

Maybe this is the best part of your morning routine. Most of you, for sure, are taking good care of your face, hair and outfit of the day. Spending time for yourself and looking good, makes you feel more confident. However, as the time in the morning is limited, a good idea is to think and prepare your clothes the night before. This will save you time and prevent you from being in a hurry in the morning. Doing your makeup could also take a while, but if you manage your time effectively, you will have enough time to enjoy it.

Try to give yourself a fresh, positive and inspiring start of the day. Doing something that gives you pleasure is a must in the morning routine.

Do you have a morning routine? Which is the most important part of your routine?


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