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There have been many beauty trends in the world of fashion. They might tend to come and go quite quickly, but beautiful eyebrows are always in style. While the ideal eyebrow has changed over the years, from skinny, pencilled on eyebrows to full, unkempt ones, nowadays, the standard is truly lovely. For the past few years, natural-looking brows that are still thick and well-styled are all the rage with the polished lady/ladies. You may even have heard that many have used microblading to achieve their beautiful brows.

So, what is microblading? And how should you do it? Read on to find out more.

What is microblading?

You may be wondering what exactly microblading is, or you might have even heard that it is a tattoo. The truth is that microblading is a kind of semi-permanent tattoo, using small needles to draw slender, realistic hair strokes. This is perfect if you don’t want to spend hours a day drawing on your eyebrows. The needle deposits the pigment into the top layers of your skin, with ink that is not as concentrated as the ink used in traditional tattooing.

Who loves microblading?

If you are excited about possibly trying microblading for yourself, you probably want to know who else has had it done. You will be pleased to know that this beauty favourite is beloved by a whole host of sensational celebrities, and if it’s good enough for them, it may be worth giving it a go. Lena Dunham has had her brows microbladed and was completely wowed by how perfect they were, while Helen Mirren uses microblading to fill her brows in, as our eyebrows can lose fullness as we age. The queen of tennis, Serena Williams, uses microblading to keep her brows looking perfect both on and off the court!

Is it permanent?

Microblading is not truly permanent, which is great news for those who just want to try something new. However, bear in mind that trying this popular style is not something you can easily wipe away. It will last between one year and three years, though this is dependent on what kind of skin you have. For example, those with oily skin find that microblading fades more quickly. You will usually want to get your brows touched up every twelve to eighteen months to enjoy the best possible look.

Should you get microblading?

Microblading is perfect for a range of people. You might be worried about skin tone, but you can have your brows created on any skin tone with a wide range of shades available. You can also enjoy the benefits of microblading if you have no eyebrows at all, creating a realistic and beautiful look.

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How should you do it?

First of all, microblading cannot be done at home! You should go and visit someone who specialises in microblading and discuss your expectations ahead of time. You may simply want the thinner parts of your brows filled out, or you may require a lot more done. Discuss this with your specialist, and make sure you like the shape that they draw out for you; remember, they are semi-permanent, so this is very important. You will then have small cuts made in your brows, where the pigment will be deposited.

Does it hurt?

Understandably, you may be concerned about whether or not microblading hurts, after all, you might have heard about people saying tattoos are very painful! But both the incisions made and the ink deposited are superficial, and most people say that microblading is no more painful than having your brows threaded. It is more a mild discomfort than truly painful and will only take around an hour to complete, so you could be enjoying your new eyebrows very soon.

How do you take care of your brows afterwards?

In the week following your microblading session, you cannot allow your brows to become wet. You can protect your eyebrows with antibacterial cream for the day after, and ointment for a week after this. The most important thing is to not pick or scratch them! Don’t worry, they heal quickly and will look great, although a small touch up a few weeks after having them done is normal to make sure you have the exact brows that you want.

Whether you are looking for some subtle additional definition to your brows or you need them to be fully restructured, microblading could be a great choice for you. Blending seamlessly with your natural brows, it can help you to say goodbye to those bad brow days and step out with confidence every time.
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Image by Bessi via Pixabay