Megan Fox – romantic drama?

Megan Fox romantic drama

Actress Megan Fox may have risen to prominence in the early to mid-2000s, but with new projects coming out this year and beyond, she is more beloved than ever. However you know Fox, from her incredible fashion and unique takes on beauty trends to her varied movie and TV roles, she is one of the most talked-about actresses working today.

One thing that she has always made headlines for is her romantic relationships. Megan Fox’s relationships have been the subject of hot debate and interest since she was a young actress. But what romantic drama has she been in the centre of? And is she currently happy and loved up? Read on to discover more about one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

Early fame

Megan Fox rose to fame making guest appearances on beloved sitcoms in the early 2000s when she was just a teenager. However, her striking dark hair, blue eyes, and popular style, as well as flawless comedic timing and impressive dramatic chops, led to her stealing the scenes she was in.

Soon, Fox became a fully-fledged movie star when she acted opposite Lindsay Lohan in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”. However, this humorous turn could not have prepared audiences for her incredible transformation into action film siren in 2007’s “Transformers”. One of the go-to favourite movies for those who love action, adventure and sci-fi, Fox’s turn in the franchise became one of her standout performances.

This soon led to her first role as a leading lady in the darkly comedic “Jennifer’s Body”. In this movie, Fox finally got to showcase her full range of talents, from biting comedy to dark drama, showing she was far more than just a sex symbol. Her career was soaring, but behind the scenes, Fox’s real romantic life was just heating up, too.

Married… with children

At just eighteen years old, Fox fell in love with Brian Austin Green on the set of the then-popular sitcom “Hope & Faith”. Though Green was thirty, the two found a connection and became engaged in 2006, when Fox was twenty. However, in 2009 they sadly broke off their engagement.

During this time, there was yet more drama in the life of the enigmatic Megan Fox. Fox found herself the target of the infamous Bling Ring (themselves the subject of a movie!), a group of young people who stole from Hollywood’s elite. Green’s home was robbed and Fox still had many possessions there. Sometime during this period, Green and Fox reconnected and married in 2010.

The happy couple went on to have three sons, though their marriage was somewhat tempestuous. Fox filed for divorce in 2015 and reunited with Green in 2016.

However, it was not to be and Megan Fox ended her marriage for good in May 2020.

A new love

While her divorce from Green did not become final until November 2020, Fox went public with her new beau just one month after she announced her separation. June 2020 saw Megan Fox and musician Machine Gun Kelly become an official item, with her old boyfriend behind her. With his bad-boy looks, tattoos, and risque lyrics, Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker), looks like a true match for the mysteriously beautiful Fox.

Fox starred in Kelly’s music video for his hit song “Bloody Valentine”, and even had a speaking role on his popular punk-inspired album, “Tickets to My Downfall”.

After confirming their whirlwind romance on Instagram, the pair seem to have only gone from strength to strength, working on projects together and hanging out like any normal couple. Could it be that the turbulent romance era of Fox’s life is behind her with her new boyfriend?

The future of Megan Fox

While Fox seems to be happy and settled with Kelly, her career is more impressive than ever. After a guest role on the cult favourite “New Girl” in 2016-17, she is now going back to her roots as a star of the silver screen. With a leading role in “Till Death” this year, Fox once again had the opportunity to show off what an amazing actress she is, and she has many projects lined up for later this year and into 2022. Not only that, but a new interest in “Jennifer’s Body” has seen the entire world reflecting on Megan Fox in a whole new way. She is more than a pretty face or some fascinating romantic drama… Megan Fox is an icon for all the ladies out there and remains a star for our time.

We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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