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May is about to come and we are so excited to share with you what is coming up in Lady Popular. It will be funny, colorful, stylish and so special, so make sure not to miss it.

Who hasn’t watched ‘Friends’ and don’t know the iconic coffee shop? TV series loved by people of all ages. We also love ‘Friends’ and that is why we decided to recreate it in Lady Popular. This will be an event with amazing rewords – outfits, furniture and special background.

event friends


A year ago, neon colors took over the catwalks. These bright and fresh colors are so trendy this season as well. No matter if it is a jacket, a top or a bag you will get thumbs up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and create something colorful.

neon collection


Ariana Grande is a young woman, who has become a role model to so many girls and women. She is an outstanding performer, with a beautiful voice and unique style. There will be so many amazing rewards from that event inspired by Ariana Grande – from typical stylish outfits to her signature high ponytail.

event Ariana Grande


Prom – one of the important events for every young lady. Everything from the preparation process to choosing the hairstyle and the dress is so exciting. This event will be full of stunning outfits, elegant hairstyles and same other special rewards. Stay tuned and don’t miss this beautiful event.

proms in Lady Popular


The inspiration for that collection was animal print. Something that has been trendy for so many years. If you know how to wear it and how to combine it, you can achieve one chic and trendy look. If you are looking for something new and stylish for your spring wardrobe, this is the perfect collection.

collection animal print


May will definitely be special in Lady Popular. Let’s see what else May will bring to us!

What do you want to see the most in Lady Popular in May?