What is coming up in Lady Popular in March?

Are you curious about what is coming up in Lady Popular in March?

We received inside information about what you can expect in the game in March! Our informants have accessed the artists’ folders and it looks like we are expecting a very interesting and exciting month! Here are some of the things we managed to steal from them:

  1. It seems that in March we will be able to enjoy clothes that are inspired by the tenderness and elegance of the butterflies – beautiful dresses and stylish hairstyles.


2. Another rumors and spoilers claim that there will be a collection inspired by the Ruffle trend. A stylish and modern collection that should not be missed.


3. It seems that the world fashion trends will not overtake the game again and we will be able to enjoy latex clothes and neon colors.


4. Military style in fashion will always be a hit! Obviously, the game team is aware of this and we will see cool clothes inspired by it.


That’s all we’ve been able to get! We hope you are excited as we do! Let’s see what else will March bring to us!

What do you want to see the most in Lady Popular?

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