Beach Makeup Tips for the Perfect Look

While you might be used to hearing that a natural look is king at the beach, you might feel more comfortable wearing a tiny bit of makeup. A little touch here and there would dramatically improve your beach look, and if you don’t want to be completely “nude” on the sand or need some slight adjustments that will help you feel better about yourself, here are some tricks on how to achieve those good looks. Go for neutral tones and delicately highlight your best features.

The most important thing when you relax on the beach is your sunscreen product. It may not help you look beautiful, but it takes care of your health in the long run. Some types of foundation have SPF in their formula, but you need much stronger protection for the beach.

If you have to choose just one beach makeup product, then the highlighter should be your choice. Nothing looks more flattering on the beach than healthy, naturally shining skin. For a more natural effect, use a liquid highlighter. Avoid cream formulas because they might melt off.

Bronzer will enhance the natural color of your skin and turn you into a bronze goddess. It will give you that to-die-for sunkissed look. Draw light contours on the strategic parts of your face to improve its features and enhance your skin’s natural color.

You need to choose makeup that no splashes of waves or heat can destroy, but watch out for products that might damage your skin. Anything you put on your face should be light and sheer, and not too sticky or creamy, as that might attract sand and break down faster in the sun. Creamy face powder with a sunscreen factor can correct the slight imperfections on your face without any risk of smudging under the strong sun rays. A couple of layers of compact powder are also a good solution. The important thing is to not overdo it, because despite recent developments in makeup technology, warm weather and perspiration are still a challenge for cosmetics. BB creams also have sunscreen options. The heavy artillery is foundation with sunscreen – besides protecting you from the sun, it has a light texture.

For the beach, it is best to choose mascara and eyeliner that will not irritate your eyes. Go for a waterproof, long-lasting product that will not be too difficult to remove. Even if you do not plan to go in the water, it is good to wear waterproof mascara on the beach, because your eyes may tear up from the sun and sand. You don’t want to look like a panda! In addition to adding color and volume to your eyelashes, waterproof mascara nourishes them with vitamins and proteins.

It’s important to keep your lips hydrated and protected. To minimize any potential sun damage, stay away from clear gloss. Choose a natural lipstick with or a lip balm a sunscreen factor. That’s all your lips need – you wouldn’t want them to get sunburnt.

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