Living Coral: The Color of the year 2019

The color of the year 2019 was already announced by the Pantone Color Institute – Living Coral. Every December in the past 20 years, Pantone is introducing the color of the upcoming year. They are choosing it, keeping in mind fashion trends, tech gadgets and the home decoration trends. The winner last year was ultraviolet. However, this year is a more light and vibrant color. Pantone describes the color living coral as “an animating shade of orange with a golden undertone, which reflects the warmth, nourishment, and shelter of coral reefs to sea life.”

This year the color of the year is a representation of happiness, joy and optimism. Associated with the color of the underwater reefs, living coral will give us a vibrant start of the new year.

If you want to feel the spirit of the color of the year, you can easily bring it to your home. A lot of the fashion brands already have this color in their latest collections. Maybe it is most appropriate for the spring or summer, but why not to add some fresh colors in your winter look as well – some brightness in the gloomy weather.


You can also add the color of the year in your home. It doesn’t have to be something big or part of the furniture, it can be just a decoration accent – like candles or some cushions. Paintings are another great decoration that you can easily change with something else whenever you want. If you are already planning to make changes at your home, you can get coral chairs or an armchair. Painting the walls or combining the colors is also a great option to put the color of the year in your home. You need to experiment to find out how nice and cozy it could be.

This color is easy to use in your makeup look as well – coral eyeshadows, lipstick or a blush. It is easy to apply compared to the darker shades, so you can freely try it. As a nail polish is also a great choice, especially in the warm seasons.

As long as you like the color of the year you can easily add it to our everyday look or at home.

What do you think of the color of the year? Are planning to use it in some way?

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