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Latex – the new event in Lady Popular. Prepare yourself for a little (or big) provocation. Latex is having a moment in fashion again. Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian are great latex lovers and we can’t say no to them, right?

How to play the Latex event:

Go to the event page and select the first zone. You need to collect all the items in the zone, in order to receive the special reward and proceed to the next zone. Once you select the zone you will have the opportunity to boost your deck, by purchasing some extra cards, for a few diamonds.

In order to win the special reward and beat the zone, you need to collect the Gift Card, marked with a tightly wrapped box. To get to the Gift Card, relocate cards from the columns to the Destination pile, on the bottom right.

Start by drawing a card from your Draw deck. You can move cards from the columns only if they are 1 rank higher or lower than the current card in the Destination Pile. Fortunately, the cards’ suits are not a factor here. The only thing that matters is the rank of the card.

Here’s an example – you have a Queen on top of the pile, so you can put either a Jack or a King on top of it.
And remember, Ace is both high and low – you can put a 2 or a King on top of it.

If you get stuck, the Joker card is your next move – it will accept any card on top of itself.

You can play a deck as many times as you need to, to get all the rewards in it – you’ll have one free try at it every day, but you can try multiple times in one day using diamonds.

This extravagant Latex event will be available until 21.03.2019; 13:00 CET in Lady Popular.