Lady Popular Update

Dear, Ladies!

With this huge update, we’re bringing a whole new experience to the Lady Popular world! We’ve eliminated some of the features, that weren’t up to par while adding brand new interesting ways for Ladies to interact with each other and win resources and rewards.
We’ve focused on providing an easier way to win Emeralds and Dollars and much simpler distribution of their usage.
Emeralds are won from the Fashion Arena and used for Events, Limited collections and the brand new Boutique, that grants access to all collections we’ve ever released in the game.
Dollars are won from the brand new Beauty Pageant and are used for shopping in the Mall and improving Popularity Statistics.
User experience is much improved as we put in a lot of work into the Mall, the Wardrobe, the Podiums, the Rankings, the Contests, the Fashion Arena, the Party planning, the Parties themselves, the Popularity statistics and many more.

Here are the most important changes you need to know about:

Entirely New features:

Changes to existing features

Removed features


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