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Lady Popular Update

Dear, Ladies!

With this huge update, we’re bringing a whole new experience to the Lady Popular world! We’ve eliminated some of the features, that weren’t up to par while adding brand new interesting ways for Ladies to interact with each other and win resources and rewards.
We’ve focused on providing an easier way to win Emeralds and Dollars and much simpler distribution of their usage.
Emeralds are won from the Fashion Arena and used for Events, Limited collections and the brand new Boutique, that grants access to all collections we’ve ever released in the game.
Dollars are won from the brand new Beauty Pageant and are used for shopping in the Mall and improving Popularity Statistics.
User experience is much improved as we put in a lot of work into the Mall, the Wardrobe, the Podiums, the Rankings, the Contests, the Fashion Arena, the Party planning, the Parties themselves, the Popularity statistics and many more.

Here are the most important changes you need to know about:

Entirely New features:

  • Beauty Pageant – a place where you get to compete with your look against other ladies and also take part as a judge, who determines the winner. Both judging and winning in the Beauty Pageant, reward with Dollars, as this becomes the main source for them in the new Lady Popular. Dollar rewards increase with higher player levels.
  • Beauty Pageant Energy (blue energy) – blue energy is recouped as usual. It’s used for judging in the Beauty Pageant.
  • Beauty Pageant tickets – won from judging in the Beauty Pageant. Used to participate in Beauty pageant duels.
  • Boutique – a place where you gain free access to older collections from the game. You can draw three collections for free once every 7 days. You can unlock one of those three for free for 7 days and purchase items from it in that period.
  • Archive – an option that allows you to hide some of your less used clothes and put them aside. You can put as many clothes as you wish in the archive. You can take out clothes from it, back to the wardrobe, but not individually, meaning you can only empty your archive entirely.
  • Favorites – an option which allows you to mark clothes as favorites, so they’re always handy. You can have up to 10 favorite items.
  • Contests – much like the original podiums in Lady Popular, there will be three new contests – the Fashion Arena Contest (weekly), the Beauty Pageant Contest (weekly) and the Monthly Podium (monthly). All previous trophies will be kept on Ladies’ profiles.
    1. Fashion Arena Contest – restarts weekly, determined by wins on the Fashion Arena, you compete against a division of players, not against everybody, so there are more chances to win rewards.
    1. Beauty Pageant Contests – restarts weekly, determined by wins on the Beauty Pageant, you compete against a division of players, not against everybody, so there are more chances to win rewards.
    1. Monthly Podium – restarts monthly, no negative ratings, determined by ratings from other Ladies on your profile, you compete against all other Ladies.
  • Leagues – Leagues are created to allow for better rewards for higher level Ladies. The higher the level – the higher the league and rewards from the Fashion Arena and Beauty Pageant contests.
  • Emerald dust – Emerald dust is a fraction of an Emerald. Once you collect 10 Emerald dust, it automatically turns into a whole Emerald. When you lose a Fashion Arena duel, you win 2 emerald dusts. Alternatively, Emerald dust can be won from Lucky Cards.
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Changes to existing features

  • Fashion Arena
    1. Every win rewards with Emeralds.
    1. Every win rewards with Experience points.
    1. Losing a duel, doesn’t lose Emeralds, nor Dollars.
    1. Dollars are no longer the reward from Fashion Arena.
    1. Dollars cannot be stolen from the losing Lady.
    1. Matching is done automatically based primarily on level.
    1. Uses orange energy.
  • Apartment income
    1. Apartment income is now claimable.
    1. It generates up to 24 hours of income and then stops generating, until claimed.
  • Party planning
    1. Major functionality and usability upgrade over previous feature.
    1. Available hours for party are scheduled and limited to 6 parties a day.
    1. There can no longer be two parties at once.
  • Engagement and Wedding parties
    1. Time is reduced to 4 hours.
    1. New missions – individual and group.
    1. Rebuilt from the ground up for smoother experience.
    1. All rewards from the parties are now Fashion points, to make you a stronger contender on the Fashion Arena.
  • Limited Collections
  • Collections will feature new prices in Emeralds and Diamonds only.
  • Events
    1. New economics.
    1. All events will be reworked from the bottom to the top in the upcoming months.
    1. Entirely new events will be coming to the game.
  • Mall
    1. All items in the Mall cost Dollars only.
    1. The Mall is well organized into categories, instead of shops, for easy shopping.
  • Wardrobe
    1. The Wardrobe has a new cleaner look and color filters to allow for easier browsing. 
  • Boyfriends
  • The club no longer exists.
  • Boyfriends are simplified, for easier progress in the game.
  • Popularity Statistics
    1. New icons and names for Popularity Statistics, that make them more distinguishable and understandable.
    1. Popularity Statistics how much greater value now, as players who have developed them well, will be winning more Emeralds from the Fashion Arena.
    1. Price for increasing Popularity Statistics stops growing after 100 levels. After that they will cost 2,000 Fashion Points when training with Fashion Points and 200,000$ when training with Dollars.
    1. All Ladies that have developed statistics over 100, will have their Statistics reset to 100 and the Fashion Points and Dollars that were used will be returned to their accounts to redistribute with the new prices.
  • Energy packs
    1. Energy packs are no longer stored in the inventory. You will not lose the ones you have at the moment – they will be transformed automatically into Beauty Pageant Energy packs.
    1. Energy rewards are auto-consumed and you can’t have more energy than your limit, up to 99 energy.
    1. If a player has more than 99 Energy when the update happens, the Energy which is over 99 will be converted into Energy packs and added to the inventory.
  • Clubs
    1. Club talents – we’ve removed the talents Glamourous and Chic, which affected Photo sessions and Supermodels.
    1. Club Trophies – 3 trophies have been edited – “Energy time reduce” becomes “Blue energy time reduce”; “Max energy” becomes “Blue max energy”; “More money from duels” becomes “More money from Beauty pageant”. Funtionality remains the same.
    1. Club Statistics – there’ll be 7 statistics now, with Hospitality being the only old one to remain. The 6 new ones will be directly linked with each Popularity Statistics. Club funds spent on each of the previous statistics will be refunded into the club’s cash box.
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Removed features

  • Supermodels – equipment left in the inventory will be reimbursed automatically
  • Jobs
  • Photo Session – equipment left in the inventory will be reimbursed automatically
  • Star House
  • Piggy bank
  • Apartment contest