Gifts event: Art Studio. Let’s practice some painting!

Art event Lady Popular

New Event in Lady Popular


 Do you like drawing?

 Do you love expressing your inner world through your imagination?

 This event is for all the creative souls in our community with paint all over their hands!

Let’s Play but some things to know about it:


Small Gifts – now they’ll have only 3 items in them, but the chance to get at least one clothing item is very big.

Medium Gifts – they’ll have 6 items in them, but you get a significant chance to win clothes and some of the special make-ups, hairstyles, apartment stuff and background.

Big Gifts – 9 items in every Big Gift, like it, used to be. Rewards will be awesome and plentiful in the Big ones, as the chances to win the special items, clothes, and apartment stuff is the biggest here. You can get some cool boosters, energy, diamonds, emeralds, dollars, all of it.


– You can collect Drawing brushes from 18.01.22 – 31.01.22; 15:00 CET;

– You can purchase gifts from 18.01.22 – 01.02.22; 15:00 CET;

– You can open your gifts from 24.01.22; 15:00 CET;

There’s an early bird discount for the gifts until 24.01.22; 15:00 CET

If you can’t wait, you can always open some gifts before 24.01.22, but you have to spend some extra diamonds.

This event will be available until 01.02.22; 15:00 CET

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