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Lady Popular team made an exclusive interview with lady ssiouxee from the international version of the game (!
Check her intriguing story to find out about her style and favourite collections!

– When you started playing Lady Popular and how this happened?

Answer: I joined LP Classic in 2011 and the Fashion Arena from the day 1. I was watching FTV and saw the ad that caught my attention. Didn’t even know what it was about at that time! But I checked it out and the rest is history – stayed as a loyal player ever since.

– Tell us why you love Lady Popular and what is the main reason you are playing the game?

Answer: Couldn’t call it a love, it’s more of an addiction really! This is a place where you can feel like a little girl again – playing dress-up with your doll, decorating her house, nurturing the obsession to have aaaall the clothes… And all that while knowing that you’re not the only one acting like a kid, because you have so many playmates alike! And I can honestly say that I met some really wonderful people from around the world. Some I even met in person after getting to know them through the game.

– Which item from your wardrobe you wear most often?

Answer: That would probably be black pants. They can work for almost every occasion and with other colors.

– Who is your style icon and why?

Answer: I don’t have one actually. If I admired a person for fashion sense, that would be someone that thinks out of the box, likes experimenting and creating his/her own designs or trends.

– How would you describe your style?

Answer: Functional with a twist. If it’s a work wardrobe, it has to be comfortable. If it’s an evening outfit, it has to match the occasion. And the twist would be some detail that sets me apart from the rest. Usually those are the shoes, but it could be an item that I designed myself just as often.

– If you need a beauty/fashion advice who will you turn to?

Answer: To a trusted professional. And the ones I turn to are rare, I am picky that way. I choose very carefully especially when it comes to my hair and face.

– Your TOP 3 Lady Popular Collections?

Answer: It’s hard to pick just 3! But the No 1 was easy and that is Collection (for her): Autumn from 2015, my criteria being how many individual items could be easily combined with the rest of the wardrobe. With that in mind, others would be Winter Miracles and Femme Fatale

– If you have the chance to implement new feature in the game, what this feature would be?

Answer: It would probably be something related to my dear playmates – enabling easier communication: improving club chat, option of having others come over – to my in-game apartment. Talking about the apartment, since I love decorating it, I would really appreciate some tiny improvements that could make it more fun for all. Like having similar option as “add to outfits” in our wardrobes.