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We are all aware of the fact that both males and females are very much conscious of the changing fashion trends. The taste and preferences of people change with the change of trend. The hoodie is one of the most common wearable clothing demanded by teenagers.  There is a huge demand for various hoodie designs when talking about clothing.

Social media has changed our perspective about styling. Bloggers and influencers inspire us to choose outfits. Fashion bloggers have a huge number of followers and they guide their fans about different types of styling to attract people. Change in trend did not affect the demand for hoodies. Yes, hoodies are still very much in trend today. There are various hoodie designs available in the market and people use various ideas to convert their hoodies into chic attire.

What is a hoodie?

A hoodie is comfortable gender-neutral clothing that is loved by teenagers the most. It is a good alternative to a sweater also it is a type of sweatshirt. Hoodies can be of different materials and there are a lot of hoodie designs available.

Types of hoodies for men and women?

  1. Pullover hoodie
  2. Zip-up hoodie
  3. Fitted hoodie
  4. Athletic hoodie
  5. Knitted hoodie
  6. Sleeveless hoodie
  7. Tunic style hoodie

So these are some different types of hoodie designs available. Hoodies can not only be worn casually but also at different places by just adding some styling ideas.


  1. Hoodie with a puffer jacket:

To give a classic look to your outfit adding a hoodie with a puffer jacket is a great option. To nail the look, you need to select a hoodie in a classic color, such as grey, and pair it with a black or green puffer jacket.

  1. Coat with hoodie:

When it comes to looking stylish as well as staying warm, pairing a hoodie with a coat is a great option. A white hoodie if paired with a black or brown coat will give you a cool look.

  1. Denim jacket with hoodie:

Pairing a denim jacket with a hoodie will help you get a stylish and cool look. A dark blue denim jacket over white or grey jackets can work wonders for you.

  1. Hoodie with leather pants:

Pairing a hoodie with shining black leather pants can help you change your look. Also adding some accessories or sunglasses is a great option.

  1. Oversized hoodie:

Oversized clothing is very much in trend these days. Only wearing a long oversized hoodie as a dress can be one of the trendy outfits that you are looking for. An oversized hoodie helps you to get that sexy look.

  1. Cropped hoodie:

A cropped hoodie when paired with tight jeggings can help you get a cute look. Also adding some accessories will be a great option.

  1. Style with a scarf:

An old hoodie when paired with a scarf around the neck can transform your look. Also adding a coat over it will help you to get a chic look.

  1. Hoodie with yoga pants:

We know that hoodies can be paired with anything but to get a sporty look pairing hoodies with yoga pants is also one of the good options.

  1. Hoodie with long boots:

Pairing a hoodie with a coat and long thigh-high boots is one of the most trendy outfit ideas.

  1. Style Hoodie and skirts:

A matching skirt is a great way to look all dressed up and feminine when pairing it with a hoodie.

Layering is a game-changer when talking about winter fashion. Layering jackets and coats over sweatshirts or hoodie are a gamechanger to your look. There are various hoodie designs available in the market but nowadays customized hoodies are also very much in demand.

So the above given are some tips that will help you in pairing your hoodie and converting your casual hoodies into trendy outfits.

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Image by LisaLiza via Pixabay