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Working out at home? Here’s what you need to know When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK we were all forced to adapt to a new way of life. This meant changing the way we live, work and exercise. Gyms, swimming pools and even parks were closed, meaning that we had to rethink the way we work out, and rethink how we could adapt our homes and attitudes to working out while confined to our homes. Now, more than twelve weeks on, we have grown accustomed to this new normal of how we exercise. As gyms are still closed many of us will continue to work out at home. So, we have come up with a quick guide on everything you need to know when working out at home this summer and why it’s a great option for you. Mix it up When working out at home it is important that you choose different ways to exercise. Sticking to the same dance video or repetitive moves can become boring and soul-destroying. This is why you need to mix it up. Variety really is the spice of life. Choose those activities and workouts that motivate you and which you know you’ll stick to. So one day you could opt for a YouTube Zumba class, another day you could focus on abdominal work and the next you could go for a run. Make a plan To succeed when working out at home it is vital that you draw up a schedule. This means working out a plan for when you will work out, where you will work out and the type of activity that you will do. Set a task for every day and write it down on a planner or stick it on the wall. You may decide to work out at the same time each day or alternate between different times. You can also decide to work out first thing when you wake up or after the working day. It doesn’t matter, just make that plan. Set a time limit Ideally, you need to set aside 30 minutes for exercise every day. Now, this may be in the form of an online class or a workout you have made up yourself to your favourite tunes. You may just want to go for a jog around the block. No matter what type of activity you have planned, make sure to set a time and stick to it. It is important that you don’t push yourself too hard and overdo it. A little exercise every day is far better than a three-hour dance marathon once every three weeks. Grab some fresh air It is more important than ever, when working from home or in a stuffy office, to grab as much fresh air as you can. What better way to do this by combining your daily exercise with the fresh air? If you’re lucky enough to have a garden then you could simply go for a leisurely jog while listening to an audiobook or podcast. You could even invite around some friends for a socially distanced yoga class. Exercising in the fresh air can also help to boost mental health and well-being, so when the sun shines, go outside! Join a virtual class The coronavirus has obviously been a devastating time for all of us, but especially those small businesses within the fitness industry. Although gyms are closed, many personal trainers and fitness instructors have taken to online channels to host their classes. It is well worth your time exploring these options, and although you have to pay, it is at a much-reduced cost. Plus you get the benefit of working out with others and the motivation to get off the couch. So what are the benefits for you? Finally, what benefits are gained from working out at home? Well, there are so many to choose from. If money is tight and you have the space to exercise at home then you will save a lot of money. Then there is the fact that you need to be a little more creative and will probably explore different ways to exercise. You then have the added bonus that no one else is looking, so you lose any inhibitions and just go for it. After all, no one can see you. Another big bonus is that you can more easily fit your exercise into your day. You just need to be super organised. We all know that exercising is good for the soul and body, so do make sure that you create the time to keep fit at home doing the things you love. Stay safe, stay healthy and have fun while exercising at home!

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