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Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the 31st of October. It origins from the festival of Samhain among the Celts – an ancient celebration of the spirits of the dead. The word Halloween is actually coming from All Hallows’ Eve and the traditions start from 16th-century in Ireland, England and Scotland.

Over time, Halloween became a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, wearing costumes and eating sweets. An interesting fact is that one-quarter of all the candies sold annually in the US are for Halloween.

This holiday has always been a day filled with mystery, magic, fear and superstition. Halloween has its classic colors – black and orange. Black represents the “death” of summer, whereas orange is typical for the autumn and the harvest season.

Nowadays, it seems that we spend more time on doing special makeup rather than creating costumes. If you are looking for inspiration, here some impressive Halloween makeup looks.

halloween makeup look

source: Pinterest

Great idea is to do your makeup half side. One half is natural and the other is a clown face. This makeup is inspired by IT, but you can recreate any other clown. Don’t forget to do the creases on the skin, so it can look more realistic.


halloween makeup

source: Pinterest

This skull look is such a popular choice for Halloween. It is simple, which makes it unique. Using black as the main color will make this look even more spooky. If you are looking for simplicity, this is a great choice.


halloween girl

source: Pinterest

In this makeup look, we have both half side makeup and skull. The contrast between the two sides makes this look so impressive. It is not that easy to create, but it is worth it.


If you are thinking of a more simple look or you are running late, but you need something cool, here are some ideas. Both makeups are easy to create but attract attention. Add some accessories to finish the look and you are ready for Halloween.

halloween makeup girl

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Halloween decoration is an essential part of the holiday. Decorating your home is a fun and creative activity, so here are some ideas that you do easily do at home. If you prefer to create the decoration on your own, rather than buying it, go for something handmade. Here are some ideas, that you can easily do at home without anything special.

source: Pinterest

halloween spiders

source: Pinterest 

This year again we will enjoy our favorite candies and admire the neighbor’s decoration. It will be full of scary carved pumpkins, fancy costumes and children asking for candies. The most important thing is to have fun and spend great time with your friends and family.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What are you planning for this year?