7 Hair Care Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

Do you comb your hair every night before going to bed because you’re positive that it’s good for it?
Do you think you have to trim the edges very often to make it grow it faster?
Do you believe in the magical power of cold water?

There is a ton of fake news out there about what makes your hair shiny and strong, and you may find you’ve been doing the wrong thing for years. Read on to find out which hair care rituals are really effective and which are just myths.

Regular trimming helps hair growth
Hair grows from the root, so cutting its ends has no effect really on how fast it will grow back. Normal hair growth is about a centimeter in a month, and trimming every two weeks will not speed up the process, experts say. They add that the ideal period is every six to eight weeks if you want to keep the shape of your haircut. As for the methods associated with faster hair growth, the key is in the food we consume. Add products rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish or walnuts, to your diet.
You can’t add volume to thin hair
The truth is that even the straightest, thinnest hair will get stellar volume if you roll it around big hot rollers for five minutes.

A rinse with cold water will make your hair shinier

The truth is that cold water may help wake you up, but in no way does it affect the shine and strength of your hair. The temperature of the water actually has nothing to do with how clean your scalp or hair is.

Dye is extremely harmful to hair
Modern dyeing products, both commonly used and professional, combine efficiency and care in a way that wouldn’t damage your hair. Even more, some of the dyes contain hair conditioners that make it shiny and silky soft.

Frequent use of shampoo will make your hair dry

That depends on the shampoo you use and how it works with your hair. Every woman has to find out for herself how often her scalp and hair need washing. In some cases, it is necessary every other day, in others, even once a week is enough.

Hair masks have instant effect   

To see the true result of a hair product, you will need to use it regularly for at least a couple of times. You can’t expect an instant, miraculous effect.

Frequent combing will tear your hair and causes hair loss
Your hair will only tear if you comb it with an the wrong comb or use rough movements. If it’s too tangled, apply conditioner and only try to deal with it after that. On the other hand, combing improves the circulation of the scalp, which in turn has a positive effect on hair follicles. Yes, of course, hair will fall, but that shouldn’t scare you. You should get worried if you find too much hair on your pillow in the morning though – if that happens, visit a dermatologist immediately.

Sounds familiar?  🙂

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