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One of the most awesome things about fashion is the number of cool looks to try. From the eye-catching clothes of Ancient Greece to more modern trends like rompers, there are always new styles to have fun with. One of the most timeless beauty trends is gothic fashion. This is a classic look that has been around for a long time and offers a unique way to dress.

To really get that famed goth look though, you need to understand the basics of it first. So, what are the 6 best tips for rocking goth fashion?

Stock up on black clothes

Goths are known around the world for their signature look. One of the things which stands out most is their love of black! This means stocking up on black clothes is a must if you want to recreate this look. Black t-shirts are a great place to start because they are inexpensive and simple to find. To create a more personal look, you could buy black band t-shirts with cool designs on them.

Black jeans are also a staple of the goth wardrobe. If you pair these with stylish studded belts or keychains, you can make them look even better. For girls who want to look like a gothic lady, you can get a more feminine feel by pairing shorter black skirts with fishnet tights or over the knee socks. Corsets are another staple for goth ladies and bring extra style to your outfit.

Play with colour and materials

Although black is the dominant Gothic colour, this does not mean you should dress totally in black all the time. A more striking look can be achieved by adding splashes of colour to your outfit. You may wear a colourful ring on your hand or pick out tops in dark blues to do this for example.

Adding some colour enables you to achieve a classic goth look whilst making it more interesting. Gothic fashion also loves to use a variety of luxurious materials to make a statement. Adding a velvet jacket to your wardrobe is a good example of this.

Goth style footwear is key

To get authentic gothic fashion right, what you wear on your feet is also important. For both men and women, this can often mean black boots. Dr Marten is perhaps the most famous example but any similar type of black boot works well. If you fancy doing something different, motorcycle boots and creepers also fit well with this trend. By wearing authentic footwear, you will find it simple to recreate the overall gothic look.

Distressed/DIY approach to fashion

Many people believe this popular fashion trend arose from the punk rock scene of the late 1970s. Even in the present day, many goths still take a DIY approach to how they dress. This means taking clothes purchased from shops and making them your own. From deliberately putting holes in tights to painting your own logo on t-shirts, the only limit is your imagination. If you do not have the time to customise your own clothes, you can buy them pre-distressed. Jeans you can buy with holes already in are a good example of this.

Goth accessories

Accessories are always key to achieving any look in fashion. For girls who want to look like gothic ladies, things like chokers add some glamour to any outfit. Goth-style jewellery with occult inspired designs are also popular for boys in this genre. By choosing the right kind of accessory, you can achieve that authentic look all goths love.

Hair and make-up is crucial

Make-up is also important when trying out this popular style. Goth boys for example often wear black eyeliner to look different and emphasise their eyes. For girls, eyeliner is also important, as is black eyeshadow. Many goth ladies will also wear striking black or deep red lipstick. It is important not to go overboard on make-up and add just enough to create the right effect.

In addition, how you style your hair is also crucial. While the cut you rock is largely an individual choice, many goths will dye their hair neon colours. Even if you do not dye all of your hair a bright colour, applying some to a few strands of it can be all that is needed.

Gothic fashion is a classic trend

There is no doubt that goth fashion is one of the most popular beauty trends around. This is because it not only looks amazing but is pretty easy to recreate. If you fancy going goth, the above tips will help you get the authentic look in no time.

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Image by darksouls1 via Pixabay