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There have been many dance crazes throughout the years. Everyone loves the fun of learning popular dances and discovering a new dance style. However, some dances catch the eye of everyone who loves to have fun, and the most popular style of the last decade has been – you guessed it – Gangnam Style!

But why did this dance, from South Korean pop artist Psy, become such a trend? Why do we still love it so much? To understand that, we have to delve into what makes dance fads and fashion so much fun, and what exactly made us all want to dance Gangnam Style.

Dancing through time

From the Charleston in the 1920s to the Twist of the 1960s, right through to more modern moves like the Nae Nae, learning a dance has always been a great way to have fun. While modern dances are less formal than those of the past, getting everyone to join in with some simple moves that look fantastic is a popular way to get any party started.

While many trends have come and gone, there has never been a dance quite like Gangnam Style for weirdness, fun, or sheer popularity. It has cemented its place as a dance we will remember for many years to come – indeed, it has already been around for nearly ten years, with no signs of us forgetting the signature moves yet.

The beginning of a classic

Upon its release in July 2012, Gangnam Style burst onto the music scene and took the world by storm. For many, it was their first introduction to K-Pop, which has gone on to be one of the most popular and highly regarded kinds of music in the world.

From the beginning, Gangnam Style looked set to rule the charts. With a catchy beat and Psy’s lovable presence, it was a hit. However, what really lit the world on fire was the dance. Even world leaders, such as the British Prime Minister at the time, attempted to copy the signature moves.

Named for Seoul’s Gangnam district, both the song and the moves associated with it aimed to lightly tease the lavish lifestyle associated with the district through fun loud colours and over the top dance moves.

The music video quickly reached over one billion views – something of a record at the time.

What is Gangnam Style?

Psy described Gangnam style as being reserved, classy, and noble during the day, but going wild at night. The district has been likened to Beverly Hills in the USA, as a very moneyed area.

However, the dance moves are quite rowdy, and any lady/ladies who love to hit the town have probably tried them at least once! With moves that include galloping, hip flicking and foot shuffling, and lassoing, the style of dance can be easily broken down into steps that are simple to copy. This has surely contributed to its longevity! The dance is perfect for groups of friends, family, or anyone who wants to learn something new and fun. More tips on dances see here

Korean beauty trends

While Psy’s hit song and dance number may have been the first time many people have embraced K-Pop, it has since gone on to be a beloved type of music worldwide. Many K-Pop stars have their own beauty trends that are easy for all audiences to follow, and many have dance routines that their fans love to follow. While Psy may have been a popular star in South Korea long before the rest of the world fell in love with Gangnam Style, it is hard to deny the impact he has had on the accessibility of Korean music and beauty trends for all the stylish ladies and gentlemen out there. Even if you think that Gangnam Style is just a fun dance, we have a lot to thank it for when it comes to introducing so many of us to a whole new kind of music, dance, and fashion.

As you can see, the popularity of Gangnam Style has carried through from its early days as a chart-topping 2012 song and dance we just had to try out at every party, right through to 2021.

The legacy left by Gangnam Style is very clear in the current infatuation with all things K-Pop, but there are few artists who ever achieved such fame as Psy did with his iconic dance.

Will it ever fade from popularity? We’re not sure – but what we do know is that the moment we hear those familiar opening strains, we just have to get up and dance!

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