Hello Funny Autumn!

The Autumn is already here with all its glamor. Let’s make it more interesting and funny with the challenge that we have prepared for you. Dare you!


  1. Make your bedroom cozy – add at least 1 item to make your bedroom more warm and cozy
  2. Bake cookies
  3. Drink different Latte every day in the week
  4. Do your makeup inspired by autumn
  5. Jump in a pile of leaves
  6. Bake apple pie
  7. Have a bonfire
  8. Have a photo shoot
  9. Gather with the girls on Friday night
  10. Have dinner with your family
  11. Go hiking
  12. Roast marshmallows
  13. Have a movie night
  14. Buy a new autumn piece of clothing
  15. Decorate Halloween pumpkin


Enjoy Autumn!

Share with your friends or do it on your own. Can you think of something else that we can add to this autumn challenge list?

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