Which ‘Friends’ character are you?

In Lady Popular May starts with an event inspired by the “Friends” series. As we love ‘Friends’ so much, we decided to create a quiz about which character you are – Rachel, Monica or Phoebe. Answer the questions and take notes of your answers, you need them later.

Have fun!


1. Pick a color:

a) Red   b) Yellow   c) Green

2. Pick a season:

a) Winter   b) Summer   c) Spring

3. On a Friday night you prefer:

a) Drinking with friends   b) Dancing at a club   c) Making dinner and watching a movie at home

4. If you could have a superpower, it will be:

a) Invisibility   b) Reading minds   c) Teleportation

5. Pick Fantasy Series

a) Harry Potter   b) Twilight   c) Game of Thrones

6. You are going on holiday with your friends. What will be your role in this company?

a) Just enjoy the holiday   b) Make sure everything is in order   c) Make everybody laugh

7.  If you can choose your dream job, it will be?

a) Something involving good food   b) Something that will make you famous   c) Creative job

8. If you win a million from the lottery what is the first thing you will do?

a) Buy a mansion   b) Invest it   c) Go to an exotic island

9. What kind of movie do you prefer watching?

a) Romantic comedy   b) Action   c) Animation

10. Which of the characters you to be best friend with?

a)   Phoebe   b) Rachel   c)Monica





Count how many answers a), b) and c) you have and see which “Friends” character you are.


Most of your answers are a)

You are Rachel. You are adorable, courageous, beautiful and a fashion lover, who follow the trends. You know how to manipulate people, in order to get what you want. However, you are also a good friend and people can rely on you. You prefer spending time with your friends rather than being on your own.


Most of your answers are b)

You are Monica. Your life is so organized in every aspect, that is why you love living by the rules, controlling and managing. Most of the time you take your decisions logically. You’re also live competitions hate losing at all. Like Monica, you are good at cooking, and people love coming to your place because of your fantastic hospitality and great food. People can always count on you when something needs to be done.


Most of your answers are c)

You are Phoebe. You are a weird kid that doesn’t want to grow up with great imagination. You some odd habits, but who don’t have? You love music and you have s good soul. You can easily talk with anybody for everything, without any worries. You prefer living impulsively, then following a routine. Like Phoebe, you are interested in adventures and trying unusual things.


Share with us which character are you. Do you like ‘Friends’ and did you check the new event in Lady Popular?

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